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List of DAE Drive Features

Discussion in 'Audio' started by westgrveg, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. westgrveg

    westgrveg Guest

    This thread will be used to gather an accurate list of DAE drive features. Just post your drive(s) features in this thread & I will add them to my database.

    The lists main purpose is to provide sample offsets for users who don't have one of EAC's key CD's & help people decide which is an optimal drive for use with EAC & which is a suitable drive for accurate results with CD Paranoia.

    I will not add any incomplete records into the database so you must provide all the required fields.

    Required Fields:

    [*]Manufacturer <-- First part of EAC's top-left list box
    [*]Type <-- Second part of EAC's top-left list box
    [*]Model <-- Third part of EAC's top-left list box
    [*]Accurate Stream <--Detect Drive Features....
    [*]Caching <--Detect Drive Features....
    [*]C2 Error Info <--Detect Drive Features....
    [*]Overread <--Detect read sample offset correction....
    [*]Sample Offset <--Detect read sample offset correction....
    [*]Firmware <--Drive tab of Nero InfoTool ( http://www.cdspeed2000.com/go.php3?link=download.html )


    Manufacturer - SAMSUNG
    Type - CD-ROM
    Model - SH-152A
    Accurate Stream - YES 
    Caching - NO
    C2 Error Info - YES
    Overread - Lead Out 
    Sample Offset - +12
    Firmware - C504
    Results so far:


    I will also release a .xls file if/when the database starts to really populate, that file can then be used to import the data I have gathered into the Offset Base, Accuraterip, SatCP, & any other web site or program that wants to have a drive feature database.
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  2. djscoop

    djscoop Active member

    Feb 6, 2003
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    good idea with this thread. Always willing to help out people using EAC.

    I use my dvd rom drive for ripping. here it is:

    type - PIONEER DVD-ROM
    model - DVD-106
    accurate stream - YES
    caching - YES
    c2 error info - NO
    overread i/o - ONLY LEAD IN
    sample offset - tried 5 different discs, all say CD not found in offset database...
    firmware - 1.22

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