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Listen to the line-in input

Discussion in 'Audio' started by ConcreteC, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. ConcreteC

    ConcreteC Guest

    hey guys,just wondering if there is any way to listen to my line-in in real time. all i could find were programs that let me record the sound..... but i found the perfect software, but its for mac, its called "Linein"...... it just plays what ever sound that goes through you're input audio....... now if only there was such a program for PC i would really appreciate it if someone could help me out here
  2. undine

    undine Regular member

    Jun 16, 2006
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    You should not need any software just to listen to your "line-in" audio. Just double click on your speaker icon at the lower-right of the lower tool bar to bring up the controls for line-in and speaker out ,etc. Most of the recording programs which can record "Line-in" such as http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ will also let you listen to what you are recording in real time.I hope this is what you wanted.Good luck.
  3. ConcreteC

    ConcreteC Guest

    wow thanks, lol I didnt think of that, I went in the properties and added microphone to the list and unmuted it, and everything works, thank you, lol I had been searching for quite a while...

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