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Little eMule Guide!!

Discussion in 'User submitted guides' started by Dela, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. Dela

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    Aug 25, 2002
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    [small]Last Updated : 27th August 2003[/small]


    This is the second eMule tutorial I have written now because, they like to update a lot!! Anyway, the purpose of this Tutorial, is to help you setup eMule and explain how it works!! I recommend you read all of it if you are new to eMule!! So straight to the table of Contents!

    [bold]1. Let's Get A Few Things Straight!! (IMPORTANT)
    2. What is eMule?? Where To Get It?? Installation
    3. Get eMule Setup
       3.1. Preferences
       3.2. Server List & Connecting To Servers!
    4. How eMule Works!
       4.1. How Files Are Shared On The Donkey Network! (IMPORTANT!!)
       4.2. How Can I Download Faster?
    5. Things You Need To Know!!
       5.1. Client ID
       5.2. The Progress Bars!
       5.3. Queue Ranking
       5.4. Your Rating/Score
    6. IRC & eMule!
    7. Tips![/bold]

    [bold]1. Lets Get A Few Things Straight!![/bold]

    1. Myself or Afterdawn are in no way tied to eMule therefore this information is being provided for educational purposes only and any use beyond that is your own responsibility!

    2. The first thing you will complain about is Download Speed!! A lot of new eMule users are big Kazaa users so they are used to files downloading really fast! This is not the case with eMule! However, how many fake files or bad quality files have you gotten from Kazaa?? Well eMule can be trusted for legit/good quality files and a helluva lot of them!!

    3. Please Read the entire Tutorial before asking any questions!! It's not nice repeating yourself!!

    [bold]2. What Is eMule?? Where To Get It?? Installation![/bold]

    [bold]What Is eMule??[/bold]

    eMule is a p2p app!! It is, without doubt one of the best of them too!! However it is slightly different. For instance, Kazaa users will notice that you only have to click connect and thats it! Well with eMule, you need first to get a server list and then connect to a server! There are a lot of servers and I like to think, the more users the better!! eMule came from eDonkey which was basically the same except it had a few bugs and was terribly slow sometimes!!

    [bold]Where To Get It??[/bold]

    You can download it from this website from the following link!


    or from http://emule-project.net it's official site!


    Simply to install eMule run the setup file that you download! Then follow the easy steps and it should be installed in a few minutes!

    [bold]3. Get eMule Setup[/bold]

    This information is very important!

    [bold]3.1. Preferences[/bold]

    Since This guide is actually only intended to get you setup and downloading, it wont show you everything in preferences!

    Firstly lets go to [bold]General[/bold] tab.


    As you can see, you can change your [bold]Nick[/bold] and [bold]Language[/bold] here! The [bold]eD2K Links[/bold] button is also important! In that pic, I cannot click the button because I already have eMule setup to accept ed2k links. If you can click that button, then you have to if you want eMule to accept ed2k links (discussed later)

    Now we should setup your Connection settings so click [bold]Connection[/bold].


    What you are looking at are my connection settings. We need to setup yours! This is done easily with the eMule wizard, so click the [bold]Wizard[/bold] button.


    All you have to do here is first specify your [bold]Operating System[/bold] (i'm sure thats not too hard :D). [bold]Concurrent Downloads[/bold] IMHO should stay as low as possible. I usually dont have more than 5 files going at once but its up to you! Now you can either select a connection from the connection list, or you can type in your true download and upload speed yourself! When thats all done, click [bold]Apply[/bold] and now eMule should setup your Connection Settings automatically. Lets take another look at [bold]Connection[/bold].


    Some people like to change their [bold]Client Port[/bold] for many different reasons. It's default is 4662. Some claimed changing it helped stop LOWID and others do it to make the traffic look like ftp or http traffic to their ISP. Changing this value doesnt make any difference for me but if you do have a LOWID then you can try ports such as 21, 25, 80.

    [bold]Hard Limit[/bold] is the maximum amount of source you have for a file. When you queue to download from somebody, they are a source and as soon as the number of sources reaches the amount specified for one file, it will not look for more sources for that file.

    [bold]Max Connections[/bold] is (well you can guess) max connections! I would leave it at whatever the eMule Wizard set it to!

    Next we will take a look at the possibility of eMule through Proxies, so Click [bold]Proxy[/bold].


    As you can see I don't use a Proxy server when connecting to eMule. Some reasons people would use a proxy are, to use as a firewall or maybe to be anonymous. Some proxy servers wont show your Ip address through emule or any other information. The proxies you can use with eMule so far are Socks 4, Socks 4a, Socks 5 and http 1.1 proxies. With http 1.1 proxies you will not get a high ID! So to use a proxy, first tick "Enable Proxy", choose your [bold]Proxy Type[/bold], enter the [bold]Proxy Host[/bold] and [bold]Proxy Port[/bold]. Also authentication might be needed to connect to the proxy, so you can enter a username and password here!

    Next we will look at your shared Directories, so click [bold]Directories[/bold]


    Your Incoming and Temp folders, in the emule program files folder, are automaticvally shared, so here is where you have the chance to choose other directories.

    [bold]Some Pointers on what to share[/bold]

    The very first thing I will say is, eMule is not really made to get small files like mp3 files! So I would not share them at all. Try to share big files, files you think actually have a chance of being downloaded, there are 2 main reasons for this. When you connect to a server, a list of your shared files is sent. If everyone had a huge list, you can only begin to imagine the strain it would put on the server. Also, if eMule starts hashing files up, you are in trouble, it will drag down your resources if there are loads of small files you dont need shared! Do not share full folders of unneeded files, like for example, program files, or windows folder!

    Next we will look at IRC settings in eMule, so click IRC!


    For those of you who don't know, IRC means Internet Relay Chat. You can use IRC from eMule. In order to use it however, you have to first specify a [bold]Nick[/bold] to use. You will see that i have Dela_eMule on mine, that is because I use IRC from another script under the name Dela. The [bold]server[/bold] should be irc.emuleproject.net, which infact will send you to LiquidIRC. There is an Afterdawn channel on LiquidIRC called #ad_buddies, so if you type /join #ad_buddies after you connect to liquidirc, then you will connect to the channel. There are also other channels that might interest you like #emule. You will see on the IRC preferences that I have [bold]Perform[/bold] set to /join #ad_buddies which means that when I connect, it will automatically join the Afterdawn channel! There is a little more on IRC later on in the tutorial!

    Next lets take a look at your security settings, which will be the last preferences we edit so click [bold]Security[/bold].


    Ok I highly recommend you choose the same settings as me. You will see the first opeion is an [bold]IP Filter[/bold]. There is a file, ipfilter.dat, which can contain IP ranges to block from connecting to you, or you connecting to them! It is recommended that you update your ipfilter on a regular basis. You can get ipfilter.dat from http://www.atheistdictionary.com/ipfilter/ipfilter.dat

    When that loads up in your browser you will see all the ranges, give them time to load full, then hit CTRL + A to select them all, hit CTRL + C to copy them. Now go back to your eMule Security preferences and under [bold]IP Filter[/bold] click edit. Notepad will open and now hit CTRL + V to paste in all the ranges, click file - save and click notepad. Now click the Reload button! I recommend you update your IP Filter every 2 or 3 days.

    That is your preferences covered :)

    [bold]3.2. Server Lists & Connecting To Servers![/bold]


    OK, so first you need a server list for eMule. This is easy! Follow this link http://ed2k.2x4u.de/index.html and click add to emule beside the all servers option! This should update your server list immediately in eMule! To see your server list, click the [bold]Servers[/bold] button! Now the list should be there so I find its always best to try to connect to a server with a lot of users! To make sure you do, look at where the amount of users is listed for each server, at the top of it all is a [bold]users[/bold] button you can click to arrange them all either from least to most or vice versa! Once you've found the best ones, try connecting to them by double clicking on them! Click the [bold]Log[/bold] tab.


    There you can see your Client ID and you canm see if you have managed to establish a connection. You will also notice that on connecting, you may recieve new servers and you might lose your connection to some busy servers quite often. Your client ID is quite important!

    [bold]4. How eMule Works![/bold]

    [bold]4.1. How Files Are Shared On The Donkey Network[/bold]

    It's important that you actually fully understand how files are shared on eMule so you can understand certain things like, how uploading can effect your download speed!

    Files on eMule are not transferred from start to finish, the file is split into parts! You download it in Parts! So if someone else has a part you dont have you might start downloading from them! When you start downloading from them depends on your position in their queue!! Everyone has an upload queue, even you will have!! Lets take an example for a sec here..

    You are downloading a 700mb file!! A lot more people are also downloading this file. Lets say person X is downloading from you, you will have priority in his queue to download a part he has that you dont!! Now with popular files, there will be a lot of people so they usually transfer around quick! Now you want as many people as you can to download this file from you so that you can gain priority right?? Well, after about 20mb has been downloaded, click the [bold]Shared Files[/bold] button and you should see the file you are downloading listed there! Right click it and change it's priority to release! After a while all you will be uploading is this one file all the time! Therefore you will gain priority!! I have found this as a good way to speed up downloads!!

    BTW i already answered how to download faster in that last section, I was just tired so i forgot to seperate it!

    [bold]5. Things You Need To Know[/bold]

    [bold]5.1. Client ID[/bold]

    Everyone recieves an ID after connecting to a server!! Basically, its High or Low! If its Low, your client port is unreachable probably because of a firewall or router! and if its high, it just means it is reachable! If your ID is lower than 16777216 its low and you have a problem! You have to make your client port reachable no matter what!! Users with Low ID will have trouble connecting to servers and downloading!

    There will be an add on here on how to defeat a low id soon when i get the time!!

    [bold]5.2. The Progress Bars![/bold]


    Sorry about the size of the big appearing on the screenshot, program wouldnt let me capture without it :) When downloading you will notice a coloured bar! I will explain the colours on it now!! The green line shows how much is completed! Black = A part you have downloaded, Blue = An availible part, the darker the blue gets, the more availible it is!, yellow = a part you are currently downloading and RED = a part that cannot be found at all in any of your sources so this is bad!! I wont explain the upload queue progress bar or anything just yet!!

    Also you see numbers, the first number is the number of sources you have successfully queued on, the second is the number of sources found (remember the hard limit also affect this number) and the number in brackets is the number of people you are currently downloading from!

    [bold]5.3. Queue Ranking[/bold]

    When downloading a file, double click it and you will see the sources listed! Under priority you will see where you rank in their upload queue. So you hope that it's low!! Remember by clicking priority, you can arrange them from highest to lowest or vice versa!!

    [bold]5.4. Rating & Score[/bold]

    Rating basically for a client is default at 100. This can change for reasons such as low id or banned clients! The higher the rating of a client on a queue the more chance they will recieve the next free upload slot. If a client has already uploaded data to you then they will get a higher rating!! Score is simply the waiting time a client has been on the queue!

    [bold]6. IRC & eMule[/bold]

    Earlier we setup our IRC preferences. To connect to liquidirc threough eMule, click the IRC button and click connect. If it tells you username is already in use, go back to the IRC preferences and change your Nick! When you join in eMule you automatically see a list of servers, you can either double click these or use the /join command.

    If you are to be on IRC a lot, I would recommend you register your Nick name with NickServ. NickServ is a service that will make sure you can password protect the use of your nickname! After registering, every single time you connect to IRC on eMule you will have to identify yourself to nickserv.

    Below is the command to register

    [bold]/Nickserv register password email[/bold] or [bold]/msg nickserv register password email[/bold]

    Obviously dont forget to change passwrod with a password of your choice and email with a [bold]VALID[/bold] email address! Now once you register you will have to identify yourself on connect so, when you connect to IRC from now on use the following command.

    [bold]/Nickserv Inedtify password[/bold] or [bold]/msg nickserv identify password[/bold]. Obviously replacing password with your password. Do this before you join a channel because the last thing you want to do is make a mistake and show your password to the whole channel ;-)

    [bold]All are welcome to come to #ad_buddies for a chat anytime! And if you go there and no-one seems to be replying to you its because we are probably all busy or asleep lol! So dont be afraid to idle! There is no need to leave immediately![/bold]


    The first tip is about ed2k links. Basically, an ed2k link could be on a webpage and if you click it, the file it made reference to will start to download!! Some sites index files. 2 examples are http://www.sharereactor.com and http://www.filenexus.com , there are a lot more but they are used a lot! Remember however that these sites have nothing to do with me or afterdawn and neither forced you to download anything!!


    A problem with eMule are damn incomplete files that are put there purposly a lot. Its easy to see by looking at the progress bar, once all the sources have been loaded up, then if you still see red on it then it is incomplete or there is not a full source online!


    I have a lot of updating to do on that tutorial since a lot of stuff was stripped from the first one!!___X_X_X_X_X_[small]http://www.BillLonero.com - Check out a true artists music!

    aD channel on IRC: rod.liquidirc.com #ad_buddies[/small]
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    Thank you James for the great tip on
    how to gain priority right when
    dowloading files with eMule !!!

    It's this kind of logical little things
    you don't know why you didn't find it
    by yourself ;).

    Kudos to you !_X_X_X_X_X_[small]It doesn't matter what you lost... It only matters what you'll get
    It doesn't matter what you gave... It only matters what you'll give[/small]
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    No Problem Man! :)

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