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Loader and newly bought gc problems

Discussion in 'Nintendo Gamecube - General discussion' started by goldpup, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. goldpup

    goldpup Member

    May 19, 2004
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    Well title says it all, the gc won't read my free loader any sugestions?
  2. johnodd4

    johnodd4 Guest

    your gamecube won't read your freeloader disk because nintendo decided to place a new security feature in the gamecube to disable freeloader software

    so to use your imports now you must go and purchase a new action replay make sure the action replay say's it supports codes for donkey konga thats the latest one and here is how you boot your imports

    turn on your gamecube with the lid open so that the gamecube will go into it's menu system then place the action replay disk in the drive and shut the drive
    go into where it says gameplay on the menu do not press a and do not select start
    once the action replay icon apears in the game play menu open the drive eject the disk then place you import in the drive you will now notice the gamecube will boot your import and will run

    notice:don't worry about the scrambled text in the gameplay menu when you place in your import disk it will still boot and still read in japanese

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