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loading avalaunch dashboard

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by stevenn99, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. stevenn99

    stevenn99 Member

    Mar 13, 2006
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    i just got my xbox modded.. but when it first boots up.. it loads the slayer dashboard.. then form there i load the avalaunch dashboard... how do i set it so that it loads the avalaunch at boot up instead.. im new to modding xboxes... but any help will be greatly appreciated...

  2. steimy

    steimy Active member

    Dec 2, 2004
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    but what do you mean it loads the Slayer dashboard?
    Are yo sure it is not just s Slayer skin on an EvoX dashboard because EvoX is usually what installs as your default when you use Slayer auto installer.

    Also why switch? And if you switch why not to UnleashX?
    I personally use EvoX as i learned to edit the Evox.ini file.
    this means that i can set up my menu's to have links to any program i want so they are all on the main screen and one click away.
    So it loads EvoX but i have links for both Avalaunch and UnleashX right on my main screen making it easy to switch when needed, which is only when i want to do file browsing. Other than file browsing EvoX works fine for everything else.

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