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Logitek usb dual gamepad+downloaded profiles question please!!!!

Discussion in 'PC hardware help' started by ThaSunGod, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. ThaSunGod

    ThaSunGod Guest

    okay. i was recently disappointed cause i jus upgraded ma comp to the max, i'm throu with consoles.

    i found out that some pc games aren't built with controller support. i also found that if i gotta joystick for pc, i could just map the keyboard strokes to the desired button on gamepad. Oh! i can just download the games profile from their site! So ,i did that, and i imported the profile (splinter cell pandora tomorrow config.), did the .exe search for Splinter cell... I reeeeeallly need to play this game..... NOT WITH NO KEYBOARD. thats wack to me. So Splinter cell boots. i'm at the menu screen and i'm able to control the selections! so i'm all happy n pumped up.. so then it gets to the FMV sequence. I push start on joystick........nothing happens. All of my hopes plundered to the floor instantly.... proceeding with no control over the splinter himself at all. only still using the keyboard. Please I have to play this game people.... and i have Pandora tomorrow it came with my 6600 gt card.

    peace,, i didnt spell check.
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  2. ThaSunGod

    ThaSunGod Guest

    how can i get this splinter cell to recognize my paad?
  3. ThaSunGod

    ThaSunGod Guest

  4. ThaSunGod

    ThaSunGod Guest

    this thread will stay up until it gets deleted or some1 answers me.

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