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Discussion in 'Band looking for an artist' started by GHON, Oct 10, 2002.

  1. GHON

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    Oct 10, 2002
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    we are a punk rock band from Minneapolis, MN and were looking for a guitarist and a drummer. please email us and check out our website if your interested
  2. ryosei

    ryosei Guest

    I would like to introduce you a completely new music scale which is
    based on 9 helts, and it fits with human brain wave. Please check the
    website and listen it. You will find it amazing. I would like to expand
    this music to many people. I would like to introduce this conposor.

    I recently was introduced to a new form of music that is being
    developed by a talented artist named John K. who lives in Japan. This
    music is a fusion of a variety of different styles. It has sort of a
    jazzy feeling to it as it shifts in and out of what I interpret as
    different minor keys. It has an Asian sound to it with unexpected
    note intervals and unusual tone combinations, and often has an
    underlying western beat.
    What makes this music most unique is the scale that it is based on.
    John has invented a new musical scale called the Kyo music scale that
    he bases his compositions on. A new scale system isn?ft something that
    someone comes up with very often. Basically all of the music that we
    in the western world are familiar with is based on the
    equally-tempered scale where the note ?eA?f is at 440 Hertz, and all
    other notes are a multiple of the square root of 12 above and below
    that. Our musical scale is one of those centuries-old rock-solid
    standards that we base our interpretation of music on. Probably the
    only time that most of us are exposed to any music that is different
    from ?gDo-Re-Mi?h is when we are in an Oriental restaurant listening to
    the background music (secretly wishing that they?fd tune up their
    The Kyo music scale is based on a 9 Hertz factor of spacing between
    the notes. The scale we?fre used to has seven whole notes, A through
    G, in an octave, while the Kyo scale has eight notes, K through R, in
    an octave. The reason the 9 Hertz multiple was chosen is that is that
    it is a known fact that the brain?fs alpha waves run at this frequency
    when a person is in a relaxed state. The idea is that listening to
    music that resonates at this frequency will help put you in a relaxed
    The initial studies that have been done on the Kyo music scale
    confirm that listening to it significantly enhances alpha wave
    activity in the brain. In the trial, a monitor was started on a
    subject in a normal, somewhat stressed, state with high beta wave
    brain activity. After listening to one Kyo scale selection, the beta
    wave activity was reduced substantially, while the alpha wave activity
    greatly increased. Though the study may not be conclusive, the proof
    to me is that I find the music to be quite relaxing and enjoyable.
    What I find interesting about this music is that upon the first time
    of listening to it, some parts seem to be off-key. This is a natural
    reaction, because ?gDo, Re, and Mi?h don?ft have the same meaning any
    more in this music. Also, John includes a note on the jacket of some
    of his CD?fs that if you are stressed, the music will sound strange.
    Upon subsequent replays, I notice that the music is, in fact, very
    much in harmony. The fascinating about this is that if I apply my own
    set of rules to this music, I find things wrong with it. If I am a
    little more open-minded, and try to appreciate this music for what it
    is, then I start finding the harmony and beauty in it.
    John?fs third CD ?gSeascape?h was just released in August 2002. The
    other two CDs ?gWinter Collection?h came out in February 2002, followed
    by ?gInto Spring?h. Like many artists who are trying to get exposure to
    their work, he uses technology to produce and publish his own
    recordings. His works are promoted and sold on his website at
    To hear for yourself what I am talking about, please follow the link
    above to John K?fs website. You will find links there to hear some of
    his works at mp3.com. I will be happy to answer any questions that I
    can, and would be pleased to hear if you decide to do a story on John
    K. You may also contact him directly at scale_kyo@lycos.com.

    I would like many people to feel what i felt. Could you please introduce
    John K to madia and levels? I would attach a date file of brain waves
    which taken befor and after listening to Kyo music scale.I would be happy
    if you can use that as your detales.


    I am looking forward for your reply.

    Sincerely yours


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