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Looking for a digital camera "a photographers guide"

Discussion in 'Digital photography' started by megadunderhead, Jun 15, 2013.

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  1. megadunderhead

    megadunderhead Regular member

    Jan 14, 2012
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    I am currently trained as a black and white photographer and this question comes up more then you would think.

    WHAT Digital Camera Should i buy????

    All though i cannot recommend a camera because every photographer has there favorites mine is a samsung pro 815 due to its three lcd system where you get a view finder thats a lcd the rear panel which is a nice 3.5 inch lcd and a top lcd that can be used as a box camera but enough about that.

    If you here like most you are completely confused about what to choose as a consumer based camera don't be just remember these few key things.

    1. what features will you actually use and need

    The reason most people end up with a camera that is way to complex to use or is completely worthless as well is because they listen to morons at high end electronic retailers that basically have no clue about photography or how even the camera functions for that matter ask yourself will you ever use it most of the time people always answer cool feature but i will never use it if you say that stay with your gut feeling and move onto another brand or model.

    2. when a sale is not a good deal!!!

    Most consumer base cameras come and go like the titanic so make sure that if its on sale that the company's warrenty is still good valid and that you can get parts for it if you can't run and run fast most cameras that are heading out have nasty rechargable batteries that might no longer be made or in production so even if your camera functions now in 5 months it could be a paperweight.

    3. OVERKILL (just because you can purchase a 80x zoom doesn't mean you should)

    Always ask yourself am i going to be shooting from outer space or just a few blocks down the street even if you are just shooting 5 miles down a straight road you can do more with less not more with more always remember this most photographers have done so much more with so much less equipment.

    4. Light meters (why do i need one when my digital has one)

    Simple light meters are great because if the camera gives you a light meter rating of lets say 5.06 and the the light meter in your hand gives you a rating of 7.06 then you would set your camera in the middle of those numbers like 6.06 always get a external light meter dont be afraid to buy one they will be your best friend even with digital or 35 mm

    5. getting good deals on old time photo equipment

    Remember these key things in this list.

    Minolta's from the 70's through the 80's 35 mm camera some wont fire without replacing the watch battery in the camera remember this because if your at a garage sale or even at a thrift store you might find one of these cameras that wont fire because of a battery and get it for a better price.

    canon make sure the power winders battery cover is not cracked if it is stay away most likely it is a dud because the have dropped or improperly cared for the winder or camera always check the winder first if the winder is a excellent brand new shape ask whats wrong with the cameral if the winder has chips and small ding marks on it and the camera looks to be in the same shape most likely original camera and winder and functions.

    Kodak Not all kodak camera's are created equal some eat batteries some only work on rechargable battery's so watch out

    these are just a few of the simple things to remember
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