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Looking for Comments on Software

Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by swalsh, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. swalsh

    swalsh Member

    Jan 5, 2004
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    List, I'm new to video editing, but am looking at purchasing some video editing software in the near future. Currently I have a Sony Digital8 (Model DCR-TRV330) where I download to my PC and use XP's video edting software to grab certain sections of a video.

    However, I'm looking to purchase a new Digital video camera for research (recording interview studies...etc.) and would like to import video from the 2 different cameras to do a picture-in-picture video or split screen so I can see the different angles of video each camera recorded.

    I spoke with someone at Adobe today and they told me that the new Premier Pro software couldn't do picture-in-picture nor could it import my video from my current Sony camera.

    I also looked at Pinnacle's software, but a user had this to say about it "It is great for digitalizing short video clips (10 minutes or less), but is not stable for anything else."

    Any suggestions to a newbie? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
  2. jpea

    jpea Guest

    hello swalsh

    i have found editstudio http://www.puremotion.com/ to be of help they have picture in picture and the program is cheap, easy and comes with other pretty good effects
    i have been making tapes until recently so i can't really say much about the quality of the output, good enough for my needs
    (i have just joined the forum now to get to grips with my dvd burner and find out the best cheapest ways of doing things)
    i have a pinnacle board and studio seven (studio delux)and we have come to terms with each other over a long period of time
    it was quite unstable producing avi's but i have not encountered any problems with creating mpegs except the program can't import them, (i think studio 8 does)

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