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M3/R4 Help Needed

Discussion in 'Nintendo DS' started by Ashhong, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Ashhong

    Ashhong Member

    Jul 30, 2007
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    Hey guys, I would like your opinion please. Im looking to buy either the M3 or R4, but not sure.

    Ok, so I got a couple choices here, and a question. How do I connect the microSD to the computer? Is there some kind of small cable? Or do I need the SD card adapter that alot of them come with?

    Here are my choices for the microSD card.
    If the only way to connect it to the computer is by using an SD card adapter, I would rather spend money for the USB adapter. Unless theres another way to connect it to the pc.



    And I dont know whether to get M3 Simply or R4. They are the same price after shipping, is there any difference?

    http://www.bamboogaming.com/flash-ca...y/prod_99.html (about $31 US)

    what should i do?
  2. spathi

    spathi Regular member

    Apr 24, 2007
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    There is no real difference between M3 Simply and R4. R4 updates are typically 1-2 days earlier than M3S updates. I dont see that as an issue unless you want to play all the latest ROMs the day they come out.

    Both R4 and M3SS come with a microsd usb adapter that will connect the microsd to your PC. If you buy a branded microsd, it will come with an SD 'adapter' which you can use with any SD reader, your PC may already have one of those.


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