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Macrovision releases CDS-300 featuring Windows Media DRM

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by Shoey, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    Macrovision announced that it has released its latest music protection product -- the CDS-300(TM) multi-level protection and rights management solution for music CDs. The company claims that CDS-300 provides the highest level of copy protection while offering a seamless user experience with flexible usage rights.
    The CDS-300 data session contains protected and compressed music files for PC playback, which can only be played using the Windows Media® Player. The user has the ability to rip (copy) the music files to their hard drive into their Windows Media Library. Once the files are in the library, the user can export the files to a portable device and /or to CD-Rs, according to the usage rules specified by the rights owner. The protected music files will not play if distributed over the Internet or e-mailed. The product provides full playability of music CDs on audio CD/DVD players and PCs.

    CDS-300 features a totally integrated Windows Media® DRM. Content owners can set the usage rights, for example, allowing consumers the ability to export to compliant portable devices (with specified number of exports), as well as burn CDs (with specified number of burns).

    CDS-300 Features

    CDS-300's highly effective copy protection reduces piracy:

    - Prevents most combinations of personal computer software jukebox/ripper and CD drives from duplicating protected discs.
    - Thwarts unauthorized duplication on most dual-deck recorders.
    - Impedes ripping of first session content into unprotected compressed audio files, thereby inhibiting electronic or physical redistribution.
    - Disallows playback of copied second session encrypted content on un-secured or unlicensed devices.
    - Enables playback on audio players - from low-end CD players to high-end DVD players.
    - Enables playback on PCs through the Windows Media Player.
    - Allows copying of secure Windows Media DRM-protected WMA files on to the PC hard drive in the Windows Media Player.
    - Permits exports to portable devices according to the usage rules set by the respective record label.
    - Permits burning on to CD-R as allowed in the usage rules set by the respective record label.
    - Enables playback on Macs with the original CD present in the Mac.

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    Shoey :)

  2. Praetor

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    Jun 4, 2003
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    THATS why i havnt ever found a CDS300 cd.... cuz it wasnt out yet! *Smack*


    A thought though: wouldnt a bit-burner be able to get past all that? Heehee.

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