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main movie and menus only

Discussion in 'Copy DVD to DVDR' started by weazendvd, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. weazendvd

    weazendvd Member

    Jan 4, 2005
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    i am very sorry if i have skimmed over a tutorial about this, but i havent found a simple way to keep only the main movie and menus and get rid of the extras(besides using dvd x copy. ew) so if someone could either point me to a tutorial or post a new one i would be very gracious. again to the moderators, sorry if i missed a previous post about this
  2. colw

    colw Active member

    Apr 25, 2004
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    DVD Shrink (free) in reauthor mode will allow you to select main movie only and get rid of extras.

    Do not think it retains menus however, it does allow you to skip from chapter to chapter though.

    There are a couple of pgmes that do allow you to retain menus but cant recall what they are.

    Have a look through the guides section at the top of this page or do a search on 'retain menus'.
  3. dimad

    dimad Regular member

    Apr 11, 2004
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  4. weazendvd

    weazendvd Member

    Jan 4, 2005
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    thanks alot, i definitely have to try out dvd remake.
  5. gbiplavon

    gbiplavon Guest

    Follow ScubaPete, and you'll have good success....I printed it and followed it. It works like a charm. Thanks to AfterDawn and ScubaPete!!

    AfterDawn Addict
    25. August 2004 @ 20:47
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    Now open up DVD Decrypter - and under "Mode", select "ISO" then "Write" - under "Source" you may leave that blank as DVD Decrypter will find the location that DVD Shrink put your ISO image in all by itself. Select your "Destination" as your Burner - and make sure that the box that says "Verify" is un-ticked (This last one will cut down on false DVD Decrypter errors). Do that now. OK, feel free to close DVD Decrypter now because when DVD Shrink is finished it will open DVD Decrypter by itself.

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    If you would like, as I do, to get rid of all the extras and trailers thus compressing your movie as little as possible (giving you the very best quality picture), click "Re-author" then, under "Main Movie" select "Title 1" If there are additional choices, look at the time and select the title with the longest time as that is usually the main attraction. "Click" and drag the "Title 1" from the right-hand side of the screen to the left-hand side, under the "DVD Structure" (DVD) and release it there. Additional editing may be done by using the "Start" \ "Finish" controls to the right of the "DVD Compilation" heading on the left-hand side of the Re-author window. Bingo, Bango, you are done editing, giving you the least compression (best quality), backup possible. Now select "Backup" to get ready to finish.

    If you want a "Full backup", that's everything on the original disc on your backup. We need to be sure that the "Full Disc" icon is depressed. Don't try to cheer it up and don't worry, it likes being "depressed". There's no problem in doing a "Full backup" as long as we don't see any "Red" on the size bar at the top of your window. If you should see some "Red" on the size bar, simply "Un-tick" any foreign languages, i.e. Klingon, Solarian Mush-mouth, Director's comments or DTS sound boxes until the "Red" disappears. Actually you can "Un-tick" those things anyway, it'll lessen the compression on your backup. (a good thing :) With no "Red" visible on the size bar we just let the "Automatic" (Default) settings alone.

    Since we are editing our DVD, DO NOT TOUCH THE "FULL DISC" BUTTON.
    Clicking the "Full Disc" button will erase our editing work and reset DVD Shrink to do a full backup.
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    If it's QUALITY you're after and have some extra time to spend, "tick" Perform deep analysis before backup to improve quality" AND "tick" "Compress video with high quality adaptive error compensation." There you may adjust quality enhancements. Practicing with the settings can produce even better end products. For a no-frills DVD's like "There's something about Mary" I like Extra Smooth BUT for DVD's with a lot of special effects, I use the Extra Sharp setting. That's for me, you'll have to decide what you like :) If all the boxes are "grayed out" that's OK, it means your DVD is small enough that little will be lost from the original. Good, now click "OK." Finally, where it says "Select target image file", browse till you find your created folder for your backup, C:\All DVD Work\Sleeping Beauty Kills Bill, needs Anger Management and click "Save". That's it ! Click "OK" and enjoy a peaceful cup of tea. DVD Shrink will work it's little heart out, obeying your commands and putting a copy of your work on your HD while instructing DVD Decrypter to toast your DVD to your waiting disc to a rich, golden "Done"..
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