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Major Update for Online Samsung Unlocker

Discussion in 'Samsung discussion' started by 123unlock, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. 123unlock

    123unlock Guest

    SRS Server had a major update.. now more than 400 models supported.. most of them with the original cable.. others need FTDI cable

    SRS now supports:
    A127 A501 A701 A706 A707 A727
    C128 c130 C140 C166 C170 C200 C207 C208 C210 C218 C225 C230 C240 C250 C260 C300 C308 C400 C450 C506 C510 C516 C520
    D100 D108 D410 d415 d418 d425 D500 D508 D510 D520 D528 D550 D600 D608 D710 D720 D730 D800 D806 D807 D808 D820 D825 D828 D830 d836 D838 D840 D870 D880 D900 d908 D910 D990
    E100 E105 E116 E208 E210 E217 E236 E256 E258 E305 E315 E316 E300 E308 E310 E318 E320 E330 E335 E338 E340 E350 E351 E356 E360 E370 E376 E378 E388 E390 E400 E418 E420 E470 E478 E490 E496 E498 E500 E530 E560 E568 E570 E578 E590 E600 E608 E610 E618 E620 e628 E630 E635 E638 E640 e648 E650 E690 E700 E708 E710 E715 E720 e728 E730 E740 E750 e758 E760 E770 E780 E790 E800 E808 E810 E820 E828 E840 E848 E850 E860 E870 e878 E880 e888 E890 E900 E906 e908 E910 E950F200 F300 F308 F520
    I300 I300X I310 I320 I500 I505 I600 I607 I700 I730i
    J210 J600 J610
    N700 N707 N710
    P100 P107 P108 P110 P207 P300 P308 P310 P318 P400 P408 P520 P705 P710 P720 P730 P735 P737 P738 P777 P900 P908 P910 P920
    Q100 Q105 Q200 Q300 Q400 Q605
    S100 S105 S108 S200 S205 S208 S300 S305 S308 S508 S341i S342i S400i S401i S410i S500i S501i S720i S730i
    T309 T419 T519 T539 T609 T619 T629 T649 T719 T809
    U100 u106 u108 U300 u306 u308 U500 U600 u608 U700
    V100 V108 V200 V205 V206 V208 V804s
    M300 M600 M610
    X100 X105 X108 X120 X130 X138 X140 X150 X156 X158 X160 X168 X200 X208 X210 X300 X308 X400 X408 X426(M) X427(M) X430 X438 X450 X458 X460 X466 X468 X475 X478 X480 X481 X486 X488 X490 X495 X496 X497 X500 X508 X510 X518 X520 X526 X530 X540 X568 X600 X610 X620 X630 X636 X640 X648 X650 X660 X667 X668 X670 X770 X680 X686 X688 X700 X710 X800 X808 X810 X820 X828 X830 X836 X838 X840 X900 X461
    Z100 Z105 Z107 Z110 Z130 Z140 Z140v Z150 Z160 Z220 Z230 Z240 Z300 Z300m Z310 Z320i Z360 Z370 Z400 Z500 Z500v Z560 Z560v Z600 Z620 Z630 Z510 Z650i Z700 Z710 Z720 ZM60 ZV10 ZV30 ZV40 ZV50 ZX10

    Free VLSI unlock addon if you have at least 3 credits on the server:
    Supported models:
    A2xx, N1xx, N2xx, N3xx, N400, N500, N600, N620,
    N625, R200, R210, R220, T10x, T30x, T40x, T410, T50x, and T700

    Special test jig
    C140, C250, C260

    As you can see SRS is still the biggest online samsung unlock server in the world...

    the models that are supported with orriginal cable are stated on the website http://www.UnlockSamsungOnline.nl

    you can also download the client from there and login in demo mode with the following user/pass

    username: 123unlock
    password: test

    you can see what cable you need.. and all models supported..
  2. 123unlock

    123unlock Guest

    Not also a new option for reading codes in the phone, you can read the unlockcodes and even the user defined security code..

    more dan 400 models supported, resellers in 8 countries, and the biggest online solution for samsung in the world.. :)

    bypasses all latests samsung securities, read codes with 100% waranty, good support desk, and 24/7 available

    we where first in the world with remote unlock for new J600, U600, E950, and F210..

    did you played with free codes and now have phone freeze ? or contact reseller ? no problem, our server will automatic fix this.

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