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Making a DVD from DIVX files

Discussion in 'Video to DVD' started by Lokan, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. Lokan

    Lokan Member

    Sep 5, 2004
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    Hello all,

    I've read a ton of guides, lurked in the forums, and even successfully completed a couple of authored DVDs, but my success rate is close to 10% and I'm getting at wits end. Here's my scenario..

    I have a TON of TV shows in divx formate that are roughly 1.5 hrs in length. Quality isn't perfect for TV, but it works and I'd like to fit 2 shows onto 1 DVD 4.7. I would also like a BASIC menu (so basic it's silly) that starts up when disc is inserted and you merely pick which of the two shows you want to watch and it goes. No chapters, etc. etc.

    My current way of doing this is...

    TMPEnc to convert the .avi file to mpg.
    DVD-Lab (demo) to build the menu and compile the DVD.
    Open Nero to fit the compile into 4.7 and burn the DVD.

    Sounds easy enough right? Wrong! Some common problems I'm comming to are..

    1. On the second show, about 85% of the way done importing the compile'd DVD, Nero comes up with a Recode2 error and must stop, ending the process.

    2. The file, once imported through Nero, is to big to fit on the disc and the slider bar won't go low enough. (I simply redo the first step with great compression at this point).

    3. After the DVD-Lab step, Nero will import the files but leave out some video.. can't explain the reasoning.

    Guys (and gals!), I need help. I'm getting frustrated and I KNOW there has to be a simple, reliable way to get this AVI's onto a DVD-R with a simple menu.

    Any help, guidance, program suggestions, ANYTHING, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading..
  2. StormFire

    StormFire Guest

    re-encode to mpeg2 using tmpg or mainconcept... but I`d lower the settings a tad (and use variable bitrate) to something like min 4000, average 5000 max 6000 (or a little higher if you have loads of room left after trying those settings). 4.3 gb is the max for dvd content btw.

    Use tmpgEnc dvd author to edit/create menu/output.

    Test it with WinDvD or whatever (play from the folder)

    Then use Nero to burn the output to dvd.

  3. proff

    proff Guest

    I too am noob at this, But I have discovered a great piece of software. Neostudio6. You simply drag files into the wizard,select quality (good,better or best) and within an hour on my 2500 barton based machine you have your dvd-r. You can select various menu options and even recode to editable dvd-/+rw format. I have successfully managed to place the 3 Alien movies on the one disc. My current success rate is a truly stunning 100%. I have tried many programs and apps in the last few months but I found them all long winded. Neostudio6 is so easy. Also X-oom's Divx2DVD is straightforward one click dvd creation. Hope this helps.

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