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Making Menus

Discussion in 'Video to DVD' started by gpcii, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. gpcii

    gpcii Guest

    I video taped an event by hooking my camcorder to my laptop. The software that I used was WMM (Window's Movie Maker). I then edited the video and burned it to DVD. All is well... It plays properly and so forth. Yet, it's not "fancy" enough.

    I want to author the DVD. I want menus. I want to create my own backgrounds etc...

    So, I loaded the WMM file into NERO. (I don't know the version, it came on my laptop, Nero Express?) This will allow me to do what I want but only to a point. I can have a customised menu screen with one button that plays the DVD. If I go into the file and make chapters I then can have a one page menu that has buttons for each chapter. But this still is not what I want...

    What I Want:
    1. A main menu.
    2. On that menu, three buttons.
    3. The first button plays entire movie
    4. The second button takes you to a chapters menu (You can guess what you do in the "Chapters Menu".
    5. The third button will play a short "extra".

    Any suggestions?
    Any Programs?
    The cheaper the better.
    Remember, I'm dealing with a WMM video.
    PS. Speaking of WMM...

    I wouldn't mind that whatever program you suggest, if it has a input from camcorder function. Then I wouldn't use WMM in the future.

  2. magus7091

    magus7091 Regular member

    Sep 20, 2006
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    I've used nero in the past and got away from it because it's very restrictive, and I usually have issues with ANY program that tries to "do it all". That being said, however, I believe there is a way to create a "title menu" using nero (if I remember correctly you have to create a title menu, and chapter menu) with it linking to the first chapter of the first title (the main video) as the "play all" button. You could then have a text link to the chapter menu, and the extra could be title 2 from your title menu.
  3. cp1966

    cp1966 Regular member

    Sep 22, 2004
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    I use Pinnacle. I have used 8, 9 and now I am using 10. I have very seldom ever had a problem. My PCs are usually close to cutting edge.

    Pinnacle version 109 does all this stuff, and it is very fun making the movies! You can get it for $100.

    My current PC has a Intel dual core 2 6600, 2 GB of RAM, a 7800 GT Nvidia graphics card, and as suggested, a seperate hard drive for storing the files because they are HUGE!

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