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MEGACard DSTWO (a downloadable megapack) 83 plugins, 370+ skins, rare tools, and much more

Discussion in 'Nintendo DS' started by carmania100, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Dec 31, 2012
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    Welcome. Ive made a new megapack of plugins, tools, emulators, homebrew games, all for the supercard dstwo. This is intended to make it easier for new users to take full advantage of the supercard dstwo and its features. There is some rare stuff in here and Im sure even the most veteran of veterans will find something new in this pack that they didnt know about before. Stuff like accessing bagplug UI through the plugin menu, an 11 option bootloader so you can choose what you want to run on startup, creating plugins that are outside of the /_dstwoplug folder, a method for using your ds as a pokemon distribution center with any pokemon/item desired via wifi like they do at the official nintendo events, using your DS as a PC game controller, hardcoding cheats into multiple types of roms, and this is just the beginning. Scroll down to the feature list to see the majority of what the megapack offers.

    I plan on updating this and continuing to make it grow. If you have any suggestions or notice any errors let me know and Ill fix it immediately.

    Current Version: Version 2.0.01
    Download Links

    It's an HTML redirect running on my server, so I don't have to change the link on every forum it's posted on when there's an update, I just have to make one change to the HTML. Copy and paste the url into the url bar, and push enter to be redirected to the latest version of the megapack.

    If you want to see the original thread with over 13000 views and 3000 downloads on the official supercard DSTWO forums its located here.

    Feature List:

    -Supercard icon so your MicroSD shows up as Supercard DSTWO everytime you plug it into your computer.

    -35 Utility plugins all DLDI patched, latest software versions and full plugin set (.NDS .INI. BMP)
    AirScan (most sensitive wireless access point scanner), AlarmClockDS, BackupBuddy (backup game save files from DSTWO to PC wirelessly), BagPlug (make bagplug accessible through the plugin menu), BeUp (MSN Messenger), Bunjalloo Web Browser, ComBox, DiagnoSe diagnostic tool, DS Battery Timer, DSCompress, DS2Key (use your DS as a wireless PC controller), DS2Tools (download the latest skins while in your DS), DS2SkinInstaller, DSFTP (FTP client), DSHobro best web browser, DSLamp, DSLibris (alternative to iReader for ebooks), DSNotes, File Manager that allows DS to DS and PC to DS file transfers, fileNinja (FTP client), FlickBook (animation creator), iFile, iPlayer (official video player), iReader (official ebook reader), MoonShell2 (alternative to iPlayer for media), NDS Backup Tool FTPd, NDSMail (E-Mail Client), Phidias (photoshop like tool), PokeSavDS, SavSender (dump/write saves from Nintendo DS game cartridges), TextDS2 (view text files), Voice over IP, WordDS (create word files), and ZogNC Calculator

    -17 Emulators all DLDI patched, latest software versions and full plugin set (.NDS .INI .BMP)
    -31 Homebrew Games all fully setup and ready to go with latest software versions and .NDS .INI .BMP plugin files
    -Pokemon distributor with full pokedex of .PKM files, event .PKM files, all wondercard .pcd and .pgf files and editors for them (.pkm .pcd .pgf) to create your own custom events to distribute via wifi. (works on all pokemon ds versions, including b/w 2) NOW IN 2.0: The ability to make event roms with up to 12 events per rom rather than 1 event per distribution rom
    -A collection of pokemon event distributors. 75+ Single event distributors and 3 example 12 event distributors
    -300+ EOS Skins, 60+ Plugin Menu skins, 11 Real Time Menu skins, 135+ loading screens + two different IN DS ways of applying them
    -The latest usrcheat.dat DS game cheat database so DSTWO cheat function can use all cheats currently known.
    -A cheat database trimmer so you can trim the cheat db to just the games you own.
    -R4CCE to view and edit all of usrcheat.dat. Easy to use.
    -A game guides pack.
    -A game saves pack.
    -A game patches pack.
    -Many extra plugin icons/alternative icon sets
    -DLDI patcher with Supercard DSTWOs .dldi file + dldi files for many other products if you happen to own more than a Supercard DSTWO.
    -FTP Server Software for use with some plugins
    -A tool to quickly trim DS roms. (reduce DS rom size by removing file padding, saves a lot of space, and this app is the safest DS trimmer made)
    -The ability to customize the name/icon of DS_GAME plugin to whatever you want (includes multiple DS_GAME icons to choose from, check Extra Plugin Icons folder)
    -Multi bootloader (Hold L + R on boot for menu with up to 10 selectable applications to boot into, completely customizable, plus customize the single default program to boot into when no buttons are held. This is great to boot into the app you want to use quickly, without having to bother with the plugin menu or alternate menus like BAGPlug or iMenu)
    -Plugin Linker to create plugins with .NDS or .PLG, .BMP, .INI located outside of the /_dstwoplug folder
    -Two different rom management tools. One shows all the roms ever released so you know what youre missing. One shows just the roms you have and links with your micro SD card for easy transfer.
    -Tinke the DS rom information viewer.
    -DSATM for hardcoding cheats and or slo mo into DS roms
    -DSIconTool for extracting icons from DS roms
    -DSTWO EOS Loading Screen Modifier
    -DSTWO Skin Editor
    -DS Skin Maker 0.48
    -A tool to install .ds2skin files onto your microSD card while on your PC, create .ds2skin files, and associate .ds2skin extension with the program.
    -DSTWO Unbricker
    -Latest EOS update
    -Latest EOS kernel
    -Latest DSTWO firmware
    -DPGPlay to watch DPG videos on your computer.
    -CrystalDiskMark to test the speed of your microSD card.
    -DS Scene rom tool download for AP Patching, downloading usrcheat.dats and verifying roms.
    -Panasonic SD formatter 3.1 for windows. The best utility for formatting SD cards of any kind.
    -A tool to backup save files to your computer.
    -A tool to convert pictures to official supercard plugin icons
    -A tool to convert saves files to different formats.
    -A tool to make game guides better formatted for ingame viewing.
    -A tool to convert pictures to bmp format for ingame game guide viewing.
    -A tool to hardcode cheats into Gameboy/Gameboy Color/GameGear/Genesis/Nintendo/Super Nintendo roms.
    -A tool to hardcode cheats and or slo mo into Game Boy Advanced roms.
    -DSBuff to edit DS rom headers.
    -A full pack of cheats for GBA and SNES DSTWO emulators.
    -A tool to create NDSGBA cheats (aka for DSTWOs GBA emulator).
    -Tools to edit SNES, NES, GBA rom headers.
    -Tool to remove GBA intro sequence, apply IPS patches, patch real time clock games, and more.
    -A tool to quickly trim GBA roms.
    -A tool for hacking atari 2600 roms.
    -A tool to create atari 2600 music roms.
    -Many tools for editing specific games. (Such as a complete editor for new super mario bros DS, etc)


    -2.0.01 changelog
    Updated EOS, EOS patch, firmware, usrcheat.dat to the latest versions. (as of 12/25/2012)

    -2.0 changelog
    Too much to list, just download and enjoy.
    -1.3 changelog
    Skins Skins Skins! Skins everywhere! Update 1.3 gives us two new ways to apply skins, and comes with a little over 60 skin packs for the dstwo. DSCompress can unzip skin files in the patch folder to change the real time menu, unzip in the plug folder to change the plugin menu, and unzip in the ui folder to add a new skin option to the EOS skin menu. DSTwoSkinInstaller can install EOS Skins, Plugin, Real time menu, Loading screen, GBA, and SNES skins. I found it to be a bit buggy even running the latest version so I included the DSCompress method. Lets all give thanks to the great skin makers for giving us so many options for our dstwos!
    -1.2 changelog
    Included is the new pokemon wireless event distributor that works on pokemon black/white/black2/white2! You can wirelessly distribute any event that you want. Say you want everyone around you to be able to download a level 100 hacked mewtwo from you? Now you can! All they have to do is go mystery gift then wireless with their pokemon game while you have your custom distribution rom running. You can also distribute key items, items, just about anything you can think of. 1.2 Also has one new plugin, AirScanner, for searching for access points with greater sensitivity than the default nintendo access point scanner.
    -1.1 changelog
    changed out netcat with savreceiver for savsender
    included NDSGBA cheat maker
    included PC .sav backup manager
    changed icon for smash bros crash to a better one
    added iFile plugin
    added DSTwoSkinInstaller plugin
    added homebrew game EpicCaveman
    added homebrew game Pocket Physics
    added homebrew game Tales of Dagur
    added homebrew game Video Games Hero
    added homebrew game Explosive Gas
    customize the name/icon of DS_GAME
    added Game Guides Pack
    added Panasonic SD Formatter 3.1 for windows
    added NDSTokyoTrim
    added best offline save file converter called DSSaveTools
    more alternate plugin icons
    modified some readme.txts
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    Jan 1, 2013
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    The download link is broken. :(

    Edit: Nevermind, I suppose I missed a character when copying it. Thanks! :)
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  3. carmania100

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    Dec 31, 2012
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    Yeah, I had to do some emergency maintenance today. That's why it was down. Sorry about that.

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