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Memorex Black CD-R

Discussion in 'CD-R(W) Media' started by s2n, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. s2n

    s2n Member

    Aug 31, 2003
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    Here's the info on Memorex Black CD-R

    ATIP: 97m 26s 66f
    Disc Manufacturer: CMC Magnetics Corp.
    Reflective layer: Dye (Short strategy; e.g. Phthalocyanine)
    Media type: CD-Recordable
    Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
    nominal Capacity: 702.82MB (79m 59s 71f / LBA: 359846)

    Doesn't look good does it? I thought they might be, but after I saw some posts on CMC Magnetics, I'm thinking of returning these now.
  2. elfstone

    elfstone Guest

    Yeah, they look pretty cool, but unfortunately I couldn't get any of them to burn on any of my cd burners. It won't even recognize them as a disc. I got two in a pack of ten of those cool color cd's. Anyone have any success with them?

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