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Merge 2 .NVC slide shows created in Nero Vision

Discussion in 'Nero discussion' started by 652digger, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. 652digger

    652digger Member

    Feb 4, 2007
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    I have 2 slide shows that I created in Nero Vision V4 ( part of Nero V7 ultra ) that I recently purchased. I made a slide show & the program saved it as .nvc, I made a 2nd slide show and it was saved also as a .nvc. Now I want to merge the 2 slide shows, I opened 1 of them and went to the browse to import the 2nd, it does not show the 2nd slide show as a importable video file. I know it must be able to be done what am I missing ??.
  2. fasfrank

    fasfrank Active member

    Oct 15, 2003
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    An .nvc is a saved Nero Vision project. You can only have one of these projects open at a time.
    A saved .nvc lets you re-open the project after closing.(As long as all your original files(the pictures and audio} are where they were when the project was closed.) It is just a bunch of "remembered" locations and settings.... A list of your current project settings and selections.

    The .nvc is a "list" containing:
    The positioning of items in the timeline
    The location of each selected picture on your hd
    The location of the selected audio on your hd
    The effects to be applied
    Location of selected transitions
    text and text effects
    menus and navigation
    and anything else you may have added.

    As you you proceed, you can preview (Nero will play the pictures using the settings) and then proceed to the burn. During the burn process Nero will gather all the pictures, audio and transitions from their original locations and apply the settings (durations, effects, etc) you selected, which are laid out in the list(.nvc). The video files will be created and burned according to this.

    Well thats enough of that..

    This is what I came up with...
    You can add the pictures, transitions, audio etc from the second project into the first, one item at a time just as you made it in the first place. Basically start over on the second project and adding it from scratch to the first. Ouch.

    Or you can burn the first project to a HDD folder. Close and reopen Vision. Open the second .nvc and add the burned video to the beginning.

    Or you could burn both projects to separate folders, then open Vision and combine both burned folders together. You could add a transition between or maybe a menu to select between the two slideshows. (This is how I've done it.)

    Whatever you try may take a bit of trial and error but it can be done and is actually fun.
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