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Microsoft defends OneDrive changes in Windows 10 Preview

Discussion in 'Windows 10 forum' started by ireland, Nov 17, 2014.

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    Microsoft defends OneDrive changes in Windows 10 Preview

    MICROSOFT HAS BEEN quick to defend changes made to the Windows 10 Technical Preview (10TP) after over 2,000 beta testers cried foul at a flaw in the way in which the latest build handles synchronisation of OneDrive files.

    In the new build, files which are not synced to the host computer no longer appear as placeholders, meaning that the full contents of the OneDrive are not available.

    In Windows 8 and earlier builds of Windows 10TP, unsynced files show up as shortcuts, giving them a presence of a few kilobytes rather than the full file size.

    The internet outrage at the decision spawned comments like: "This is a huge step back and an important issue, actually a dealbreaker for Windows 10 at this point. Please revert or make the functionality available again ASAP."

    Another read: "Removing smart files is an absolute deal-breaker for me. If user confusion is the problem, add a training video or some icons/colors/tooltips, but PLEASE do not remove smart files!"

    A third summed up the feelings of the collective: "It's always 3 steps forward and 1 giant step backward with you Microsoft!! Does a few of you [sic] sit around a table at lunch thinking of ways you can 'punch' the last remaining fans you have in the stomach, figuratively speaking?"

    Microsoft responded in detail explaining: "We hear the feedback on placeholders, and we agree that there many great things about the model - for example, being able to see all your files in the cloud even if they are not all synced to your PC.

    "However, we were not happy with how we built placeholders, and we got clear feedback that some customers were confused (for example, with files not being available when offline), and that some applications didn’t work well with placeholders and that sync reliability was not where we needed it to be."

    However, in spite of assurances that Microsoft plans to bring back the feature, or some version of it, many users remained indignant.

    One said: "It's a pity that I cannot downvote the official response from Microsoft into oblivion. Bring back placeholders, your proposed selective sync model is ridiculous."

    Windows 10TP was made available at the start of October to anyone who wants it. It is the first time Microsoft has undertaken an open beta test on this scale.

    Soon after it went live, The INQUIRER reported that there were permissions that would hypothetically allow Microsoft to log keystrokes, although there is no evidence that it has at any point exercised this option.

    There is no release date for the official version of Windows 10, but current expectation is that it will arrive in the third quarter of 2015

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