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Microsoft opens up about more Windows 10 preview features in the works

Discussion in 'Windows 10 forum' started by ireland, Nov 3, 2014.

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    Microsoft opens up about more Windows 10 preview features in the works

    Microsoft execs are sharing publicly a bit more about what Windows 10 testers should expect in the next test builds of the new client operating system.

    At the TechEd Europe conference in Barcelona on October 28, Corporate Vice President Joe Belfiore demonstrated Build 9865 of Windows 10 in front of the morning keynote audience. That build is somewhat more recent than the first Windows 10 preview update, Build 9860, which Microsoft made available to its Windows Insiders testers last week.

    Belfiore showed off how testers soon will be able to snap multiple applications side-by-side across multiple monitors. (With Build 9860, testers got the ability to move apps across multiple monitors.) He also demonstrated some new trackpad gestures that will be coming to Windows 10. These multifinger gestures are like those Apple has used on Macs, as Tom Warren of The Verge noted.

    It's not clear when Microsoft will provide testers with the second Windows 10 enterprise preview update. Last week, officials told testers that coming updates will sometimes be more frequent,


    http://www.zdnet.com/microsoft-open...es testers should expect in the coming months.

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