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Minor Problem...Please Help

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by Hawkstar, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. Hawkstar

    Hawkstar Guest

    Hi all.

    I was taught tonight how to backup my games through my xbox after successfully backing up two of them i went to do the third and this problem arose..

    Ok after d/loading to the xbox i went to Flash xp and entered all the relevent info ie: username xbox and password xbox , there are supposed to be a list of drives that appear and they arn't showing. I need to go to my E Drive and then HDD loader before it will transfer.

    I have my system hooked to a D-Link router and the message i am getting is it isn't connecting.

    But i really need to know how to get the list of drives showing..

    Can someone please help.

    Thankyou in advance.

    Dean (Hawkstar)
  2. Tymoor

    Tymoor Guest

    did you assign an IP address for your Xbox via the dashboard?(I use a static addy e.g.

    If not, FlashFXP will not "see" the Xbox at all.
  3. Hawkstar

    Hawkstar Guest

    Thanks Tymoor, my xbox is set up with all the relevent numbers I am running evo on my system.As i said i just made two backups and when i went to the third it wouldn't work i had not interfered with any settings.

    Dean (Hawkstar)

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