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Mirror Anything from Your Computer to Your TV Using Google Chromecast

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by ireland, Oct 23, 2014.

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    Mirror Anything from Your Computer to Your TV Using Google Chromecast

    Outputting your computer to your HDTV via HDMI works well. Unfortunately, your computer’s location depends upon the length of your cable. With Google Chromecast, however, you can literally mirror any browser tab or even your desktop, from anywhere, in just a few clicks.

    The point when video card manufacturers started including HDMI outputs was a great moment. Similarly, when TV makers began adding VGA inputs, we had yet another great way to add a huge second (or third) display to our setups. The implications, beyond the logical I-can-project-my-computer-now train of thought were pretty apparent. If you wanted to use your TV now to play games from your computer, or watch movies on a big screen, you could now do so easily and cheaply.

    The problem, as we mentioned, is that you have to set up your computer right next to your TV. Most HDMI cables are six to ten feet long. You can obviously buy longer lengths but the point is, even with all these fantastic projection capabilities, you’re still tethered by a bulky black cable.

    Enter Chromecast, Exit Cables
    Google Chromecast is an amazing little gadget that costs less than a tank of gas.

    or $35, you get a tiny HDMI dongle that’s about the same size as a USB thumbdrive, but it does so much more! One of Chromecast’s best features is the ability to “cast” tabs or even your entire comptuer’s desktop.

    To get started, you obviously need a Chromecast. You also need to use Google Chrome and you should install the Google Cast extension.

    You might also want to install the Chromecast app while you’re at it, but it’s optional.

    Casting Chrome Tabs
    With your software installed, you can start casting, which is more akin to mirroring, but who are we to split hairs? To cast a tab, click the “Google Cast” button in Chrome.



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