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Missing export GDI32.DLL:Gdi Gradient Fill

Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by Ruthsdad, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. Ruthsdad

    Ruthsdad Guest

    Hello all
    Before I re-install windows, is there anyone who could help me with my problem:-
    Recently I attempted to open NeroVision Express2 and was confronted by the following error....."The MSIMG32.DLL file is linked to missing export GDI32.DLL:Gdi Gradient Fill and cannot execute file C:\Program Files\Ahead\NeroVision\Nerovision.exe". I contacted Nero who suggested removal with their General Removal Tool and re-install the latest versions of Nero6 and NeroVision Express2, which I have done. Nero6 installed O.K. but NeroVision Express2 failed to register the following files:- GCCore.dll, GCFilter.ax, GCFX.DLL, GCHW.DLL, GCLib.DLL, Nerovision.exe and Nerovision API.dll. My Specs are Windows ME (fully updated) AMD Duron 800 MHz with onboard sound and graphics, 256 Meg SDRAM, 20 Gig HD. Adware, Spyware and AV programs have been run with nothing suspicious found.
  2. Solved

    Solved Member

    Sep 29, 2004
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    Missing export GDI32.DLL

    Hi Ruthsdad
    I had exactly the problem you have described after some trial and error I found the solution:

    Go to C:\Windows\System find (MSIMG32.DLL)
    Right Click and rename it to MSIMG32.BAK or MSIMG32.old
    In the same directory you will see alot of MSIMG32 old file [MSIMG32.001 to MSIMG32.009 etc] the file must have the size 53,248 pick preferably the one with the highest sequence number 005 or 007 whatever you got there and rename this file to MSIMG32.DLL and BINGO! Your problem is solved.

    Sydney - Down Under
  3. StayCool

    StayCool Guest

    I have the same problem, but, I only have
    (1)MSIMG32.DLL in my c/win/system folder.
    I'm running win98se.
    Help needed. TIA
  4. Jeanc1

    Jeanc1 Guest

  5. StayCool

    StayCool Guest

    Hi Jeanc1:

    The 'msimg32.dll' seems to be the answer......tyvm

    Have a good one!
  6. StayCool

    StayCool Guest

    Thanks also to "Solved."
  7. Ruthsdad

    Ruthsdad Guest

    Thanks to all, especially Solved. MSIMG32.dll was corrupted and I replaced it from the C:\Windows\Options\Install folder. Everything now working fine.

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