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Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by cavboomer, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. cavboomer

    cavboomer Guest

    I'm too freaked about installing my new modchip...x-ecuter 2.2 lite. My dad said he doesn't know what he's doing and i should pay someone to install it. i just forked over $50 for the chip. Anybody know of a cheap reliable place online i can get it installed( called 1 place who'd do it for $85! ) ? Should i do it myself? I live in Little Rock, Ar. Will any place near do it for me like a comp-usa or something? Thanks.
  2. kapnkruch

    kapnkruch Guest

    I personally thought it was fairly easy....a lot easier than some of the old PSone modchips!

    I found it near impossible to seriously f**k it up....most bad solders were reversible

    just be sure you got a new tip (fine) and thin solder

    If you never try you will never succeed!
  3. Zero-X

    Zero-X Guest

    I'll www.modchipman.com has cheap prices. Like me go check how much they chrage again. Okay their chranging 50 bucks but u got to pay 4 they to ship it to you. And also pay to ship it to them. So you'll be looking at mabey 80-90 bucks in all. I like them they moded my Xbox. So if you don't want to do it pay someone today it. I have been practiing sloiding but i'm not that good yet to try any installion of mods chips yet. I know their anhouter site i seen. Let me look at them. Wow they chrage 98 for x2.2 lite and 122 for the installion of x2.2pro. www.system-mods.com. Check them out.

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