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Morrowind anyone??

Discussion in 'Xbox - Games' started by SiC_sHOT, May 18, 2007.

  1. SiC_sHOT

    SiC_sHOT Guest

    Does anyone still play this? i have the game of the year edition, im a level 73, i have over 8 million gold (completely legit), my lowest skill is 93, its short blade, im in ALL the guilds or cults, (unless theres a dagoth ur cult) im highest in the thieves and mages guild, mage- Arch-mage, thieves-captain. does anyone know any tips or place to find maps for this game because i'm tired of looking around for crap when i can pull up a map online/ i'll give you tips if you have tips for me.
    i'm on like day 689, and now have every peice of every suit of armor, and almost every weapon in the games, and all items, i have random houses where i killed the owner because they don't matter and filled the house with my crap, but i cannot find the dark brotherhood, i just started trying to find them instead of the tribunal crap, i just got the band of whoever to the godess who's name starts with an 'A', and then discovered the dwemer and the other things fighting under the memorial statue in mournhold, someone know where i can find them (dark brotherhood)???
  2. Sohn536

    Sohn536 Regular member

    May 28, 2007
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    i dont kno if it is still up but there was a map on gamefaqs.com and i havent gotten far in marrowwind i sorta went from one town to another random one and stopped playing cause of kotol 2 the sith lords lol, so if the map is still there u can use that.

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