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Motorola 720i

Discussion in 'Motorola phones' started by fredblogs, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. fredblogs

    fredblogs Guest

    New to the forum......First post....

    Got a locked Motorola 720i, can I get it unlocked, if so, how, & what with etc.
    I know it's a old mobile, is it worth unlocking ???

    Thanks in advance,

    Fred Blogs.
  2. fredblogs

    fredblogs Guest

  3. fredblogs

    fredblogs Guest

    Give this a bump,

    Any answers, + or -, put me out of my misery,

    E-bay with them next.

  4. fredblogs

    fredblogs Guest

    I give in. Waste of time....................

  5. fredblogs

    fredblogs Guest

    Total waste of time, thought you lot knew something about phones?????????
    Guess I was wrong......!!!!

    Not even a "I don't know",

  6. fredblogs

    fredblogs Guest

    2 mths now, not one reply, total waste of F+++++G Time, bunch of NOOBS.


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