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motorola charger

Discussion in 'Motorola phones' started by Stuckonit, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Stuckonit

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    Jun 8, 2006
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    hello all
    i recently aquired my friends old motorola rokr but the charger was burnt out so i tossed it (thats my mistake) i had an old v551 handy that was smashed up so i rigged it to acomodate the rokrs batery, i hooked it up to a power suply pin 1) ground pin 3) +5v --> the phone powers on without the batery, with the batery, but wont recognise the charger or charge the batery :(
    i know i has something to do with pin 2 and a resistor on it sumwhere...any help n this plz??
    plz dont tell me to buy a charger cuz i rele dont want to

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