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Motorola Dual Tuner DCT 6412

Discussion in 'Digital TV - United States & Canada' started by hmattyj, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. hmattyj

    hmattyj Guest

    In response to all of the other postings here..
    I have the Motorola DCT6412 Dual Tuner from Comcast. Personally, I think it SUCKS. Analog stations look like &*#!, and the HighDef channels pixilize all the time. The sound skips, the picture breaks up, i've got pixils falling out onto my living room floor!!!(well, not really, lol) I've had Comcast here 7 times so far in the last month. They can't get it right.
    When I try to record something, while watching another program, it usually stops..because of the poor signal. They've rerun wire from the pole to my house, adjusted signals, traded out boxes, everything. I'm viewing on a TOSHIBA 46HM84 DLP TV. One Comcast guy told me that I need a newer TV....??(it's a month old)lol. Upstairs, on my digital box, and tube TV, all channels look awesome. I Have read so many bad things about these Motorola HighDef boxes.
    But about transfering your recorded programs, here's a good link that tells you all about it.
    Good Luck to all!!
  2. wxguy

    wxguy Member

    Dec 17, 2004
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    Here's something to try. These boxes are sensitive to line level and too much signal causes pixelization and dropout.

    If you are using a line amp to distribute signal into your house, take the input and split it 2:1. One leg goes back to your amp, the other goes to your HDTV box.

    Or run a splitter output ahead of going to your 6412.

    I had that problem and a Comcast engineer told me that overdriving the signal caused that to happen. I did it and problem went away. (a 2:1 splitter drops the signal level by about 1/2 if it says 3db loss on the outputs)

    Good luck.

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