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Discussion in 'Motorola phones' started by kingdy, May 4, 2007.

  1. kingdy

    kingdy Guest

    HI EVERYBODY ,I've been reading this forum for several days and am a newbie to this forum. Finally decided to take the plunge .
    i got my first Mobile Phone two year ago .but now it was broken. So I want to buy a new fashion Mobile Phone.very lucky,from www.digimartz.com i choose a well Phone:MOTOROLA V3X.it has the features as below:Integrated Digital Camera.Audio Player.MP3 stereo surround sound and it's 3G technology.it's really fine style and fantastic to use! much better than my last one. i really love my MOTOROLA V3X.

    if anyone have better phone, pls share it to me
  2. nancyli

    nancyli Guest

    Hi i bought a new Mobile Phone last week on the same sales website: www.digimartz.com. mine is the Pink Sony Ericsson Z610i.it looks very fashion and exquisite.it's a pink one,very suit to our girls. And i have got a phone accesory:64MB M2 Memory Card. i m so lucky.

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