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movie burned at 2X - copied at 8x

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by dvdauthor, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. dvdauthor

    dvdauthor Guest


    I'm new (obviously) and here is my quesiton. I did a search on the board - but didn't find anything that really answered these questions:

    I recently received my epson r200 printer, and I bought hub printable DVD-R's from Imation (that brand always worked well for me). Well, I usually use 4x DVD-R's - but these are 8X dvd's. I have never downloaded a firmware update (had my dvd burner for 2 years) - however, I just found out where to get one - so i'm going to do that right after this post. What I did first, was copy a movie that I had made with a Memorex 4x DVD-r onto one of these blank dvd's - it looked fine - but at the end it got choppy - does this have anything to do with the burn speeds? Are they that much of an issue when it comes to copying? do I have to set the same speed the original was made from? Also, I have 2 Sony DVD-RW's that have no speeds listed on them - what I always do is make the movie to an RW first - and then copy to the DVD-R - will this be an issue now? or am I totally lost?

    Then, I made an original movie with my dvd authoring software - and it came out great (burned to -R the first time).....and without a firmware upgrade....

    I'm very confused here, obviously. any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, and I hope someone can answer these questions.
  2. kchev

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    Nov 3, 2004
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    it's possible the original disc was overburned and the new media is not very good and can't handle being burnt all the way to the edge of the disc

    you may have to try shrinking it a little more
    set you target size to about 4300MB.

    i wouldn't burn anything over 4x
  3. dvdauthor

    dvdauthor Guest

    hmm...ok - yes, the original probably has a good hour and 45 minutes on it. One part is a slide show and the other is video. The slideshow plays fine, but at the end of the video section is where the freezing occurs.

    so basically the speed of the original burned copy doesn't matter when making a copy? it doesn't affect the outcome of the copy and the copy speed?

    also, what about my DVD-RW's with no speed listed on them?? is that how they are supposed to be??...

    I really appreciate your help! I've been making dvd's for a while now, but I never really "Knew" about speeds believe it or not.
  4. dvdauthor

    dvdauthor Guest

    ok, I did some tests - and as of now, I can copy a DVD-RW to one of my new DVD-R's - (Longest video time was 85 minutes)but I tried using another Memorex DVD-R that was 2 hours in length - BAD disc - at the end it was choppy and it started to freeze. I've made a new movie - (burning now) that's 2 hours in lenght and i'm putting it on a DVD-RW - I'll then try and put it on one of my printable discs - if this works - that means that I CAN fill these new dvd's, but I just can't copy Memorex dvd-r's that are already burned - if it doesn't work - I can't fill these new DVD's that I bought and that sucks. this means that they only hold about an hour and 20 minutes for some odd reason.

    Would it make sense that you couldn't copy a DVD-R to another because of a brand issue? I've always used Memorex in the past (and have made tons of copies) and have had no problem...also, I've always used 4x and these new ones are 8x.

    as long as I can copy my RW (2 hours filled) to my new dvd's - i'm fine....but it's driving me crazy and I just hope I can get some answers.

    again, thanks for reading my ranting and experimenting.
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