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Movie Rolls when played

Discussion in 'ratDVD discussion, help and suggestions' started by jo19, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. jo19

    jo19 Guest

    I have been use ratdvd and nero to burn my movie until two days ago I've never had a dvd to roll while being played. At present i'm using nero 7.8.5 , sony & memorex dvd's, but I can't find the issue. I havent done nothing out of the odinary or differently than I normally do. If anyone has any help they can offer I will try it. Thankss for your help
  2. onya

    onya Guest


    Viewing annomalies can often be attributed to the media used and the speed at which they are burned. You mention Memorex brand media (not the best available) and as far as Sony are concerned, it's a matter where they are made. What operating system have you got? and what burning speed are you using? Is this a DVD that you own or perhaps one that has been downloaded ?

    Sorry to say that I have had VERY little experience with the high compression rates that RAT offers. Post as much info as possible as to what changes have been made to your system, BEFORE/AFTER etc, what have you installed or perhaps un-installed, prior to your problem.

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