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Movies just pause in my home player

Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by SoldierX, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. SoldierX

    SoldierX Guest

    It didn't start out as a problem, I had bought an AOpen DVD burner (DVD+&-R, Dual Layer and about 16 other acronyms) I had sucessfully burned maybe 3 movies(Fujifilm DVD-R 8x) which played alright on my home dvd player. For those first three movies I used Roxio Divx to DVD to convert .avi to DVD format and used NeroVision Express3 for authoring. Maybe around the fourth movie I began having Sound sync problems (lips not matching words and periodic movie pauses, maybe three times during a whole movie... while the files on the computer were fine; no synch problems or pauses) Then I switched to burning with DVD Shrink thinking the problems lies in the burning of the files to the DVD and WinAVI to convert .avi to DVD using NTSC.

    That solved the Sync problems, but now the DVD just stops every 30 seconds during movie playback.(the files on the computer are still ok)

    I've looked and looked for other people who might have had this same problem, but could I be the first?

    My home player is a Pioneer bought back in 98, so that may be the problem itself. I will try checking it out on someone elses newer DVD player later.

    I am new to post here but use AfterDawn as my start-up web page because it is so great with all the information. Now I'm just hoping for some help with this problem.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. kivory666

    kivory666 Regular member

    Jan 29, 2005
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    hi soldierx, welcome to AfterDawn~ :)

    anyways, could you let me know what is the MEDIA ID code on those Fuji 8x dvd-r that you bought? i'm thinking it's one of two possible codes:

    PRODISC F01 (made in taiwan that i've heard from others is not very good/compatible with stand alone players after burn)


    TYG02~ (made in japan genuine Taiyo Yudens which are the BEST of the BEST in my own opinion..i have hundreds of these and they are terrific, playback great on ALL of my standalones.)

    or recently i've heard of people getting the FUJIFILM03 coding, which i have never seen personally, so i can't comment for the quality of them...

    i think the problem comes down to your home player not liking the choice of media that you are using...seems like you have a good grip on the burning process and you are fine there...also, what speed do you burn your movies at? (meaning the 3-4 you have done so far) if you got the prodisc coding, i would strongly suggest 4x, i personally burn ALL my TY media @8x with flawless playback, but that again is just what I MYSELF do personally~ :)

    let us know when you try on your friend's player to see if the same problem arises again...if so, then it's def. the media that is not cooperating...and burning at a slower speed would reduce the chance of such errors in the future...hope that is a good start...welcome and please come back soon...i'm always willing to help if i have encountered a similar problem before in my past experiences...

    good luck

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