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mpg,svcd, bootleg movies to DVDR

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by bigdnl, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. bigdnl

    bigdnl Member

    Mar 12, 2005
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    Hello, im new to forums, I thought posting this would help some people out there with there downloading movies and having them burned into a DVDR.

    What Do You Need?
    1. DvD Burner
    2. DvD Burnable CD
    3. A Program called Ulead DVD Movie Maker(theres a crack for this but id rather not post where because I don't know the forums rules on that.)
    4. Another program called DVD Patcher.
    5. The Bootleg movie you downloaded. I used Constantine.

    This program called Ulead DVD MOVIEMAKER is probably the best program ill use for customizing mpeg files and burning them into DVDs. This program will let you setup a custom chapter selection feature and make it just like a dvd.

    Most of the time when you Download a movie it's formatted into a SVCD meaning its been converted from the movie file it was filmed from so on. This program called DVD Patcher is what we will use to convert it into the correct format for burning into the DVD.

    Open DVD Patcher>Browse for the file>You will receive a MPEG2 information on the file its bitrate so on>on the bitrate you receieve under the information for opening the file("should be like 2530000 or something" that number, copy it to BitRate section under custom so that the custom box says the number provided above.>Aspect 4:3>Patch Entire File>Horitonzal Size 480>Vertical Size 576(pal)>FPS 25.00> Then Patch it.

    Make sure you patch both Mpeg files you have, if there is two. Most of the time there is two when you download a bootleged movie.

    Open the program Ulead DVD MovieMaker. Create Video Disc. Output Format DVD. Under add media, add video file (the mpgs we converted from DVDPATCHER). for edit media you can optimize the video by adding texts, and other stuff so you can copyright your own doings or anything you wanna do. As you go along in it you will start to understand it better. Keep pressing next and doing what you wanna do to the project so on. Once you are done it will ask you if you want to burn it now. Press OUTPUT and it will start the burn. Play it into a DVD Player and it works :).

    If theres any issues or misunderstandings I will be more than glad to check back and help.

    Note, if you use DVDpatcher, make sure you review the first of the file you downloaded to see if there is a problem with the file if it shows a block that blurs the file to the right side of it, it happens when you change the file size of the file and makes it wig out, you can cancel this by changing the Horizontal and Vertical sides different so it goes correct.
  2. christy1

    christy1 Member

    Feb 27, 2005
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    I was looking into using your instructions but when I get to the part to use the dvd patcher, you say to find the mpeg2 info. I am trying to get a svcd to dvd so the svcd dosent have a mpeg2. How do you fix this? or have I missed a step? I have a svcd with 2 .bins and 2 .cues one for each half of the movie, how can i get these together to put them on one dvd? Please help!

  3. calhounm

    calhounm Guest

    have you tried dvd shrink if that doesn't work try dvd santa both programs are free and I know nero will do it but maybe not the free version

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