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mrv640 macrovision

Discussion in 'DVD recorders' started by xer00, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. xer00

    xer00 Guest

    I just bought the magnovox mrv640, my first recorder :)

    anywho for my question

    Can I disable macrovision?

    or do I have to kill it on the input side?

  2. freedom2

    freedom2 Regular member

    Dec 11, 2004
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    hello, xer00
    look for "HACKS" on the net.

    try this website..www.dvdrhelp.com there are many other hack formus aswell.

    you can use a separate VCR and do this, from vhs to dvd. use a seperate vcr with a "video Stabilizer" hooked in between the video in and out line they are for sale on ebay. do a search for video stablizer i bought one for 25.00 few weeks back. it was a RX11 i think
    no sense to buy the high dollar ones.

    my 2 cents

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