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ms dash

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by imgr81337, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. imgr81337

    imgr81337 Guest

    i have a modded xbox with evox, unleashedx, and XBMC. i was woundering if there is still a way to use msdash so i can recover my account.
  2. imgr81337

    imgr81337 Guest

    I may have figured out my problem but i need help to fix it. in my C drive i have unleashedx and i understand that it is supposed to be the ms dashboard. In my E drive i have evox. How would i go about removing evox from my E drive and putting unleashedx on my e drive so i can put an updated microsoft dashboard on my C drive.
  3. Nu2Mods

    Nu2Mods Guest

    just ftp your m$ dash
  4. imgr81337

    imgr81337 Guest

    ftp my ms dash to where. my c drive?
  5. knockemv2

    knockemv2 Regular member

    Dec 22, 2006
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    what exploits did u use to mod ur xbox i used krayzies-ndure-sm installer from se7ensins.com and after the tut there was an extras package u could install and with that u could recover accounts
  6. imgr81337

    imgr81337 Guest

    i used the mechassault exploit. i would still like to know how to get rid of evox and put unleashed in it's place. and get ms dash back.
  7. imgr81337

    imgr81337 Guest

    ok wow. i just went through a process to try to fix it myself and i got error 21 so i put mechassault back in and fixed it again. i went to go and launch ms dashboard from unleashedx but it said msdash.xbe does not exist. that's why i couldn't use it. it wasnt there. bullshit. now i need to find msdash.xbe to download. can somebody help me find it.

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