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Much more than a lag problem?

Discussion in 'Windows - General discussion' started by chaosenig, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. chaosenig

    chaosenig Member

    Mar 12, 2007
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    I recently upgraded to:

    AMD 64 3200+
    512 DDR RAM
    Geforce 6800 GS 256mb (AGP card)
    Asus mobo, DDR, AGP, Socket 939

    On occasion it works fine (during startup), but most of the time it lags like hell, especially when running games like battlefield 2.
    I've already updated all my drivers, Reformatted and virus scanned with McAfee, but almost every time i use my PC it either lags or freezes.
    (even starcraft lags up)

    Is there anything i can do other than taking it back to the shop?
  2. The_Fiend

    The_Fiend Guest

    Buy more RAM.

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