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music dvd question

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by Kimmi8, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. Kimmi8

    Kimmi8 Member

    Jun 1, 2006
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    I have a music dvd in .wav format. My xilisoft dvd audio ripping software wont open the dvd folder and access the files in the VIDEO_TS folder.
    Is there a program that will open these files on my pc?

  2. bahgee

    bahgee Guest

    When you say the DVD is in .wav format do you mean that this dvd is audio only and no video? If this is the case there will not be a video_TS.
    Are you just trying to rip the audio tracks to convert them into playable tracks for an mp3 player or audio disc or are you trying to convert a .wav to make a viewable dvd? As far as i can tell xilisoft dvd ripper platinum (if thats the software you have), only rips dvd files to another type of file. After reading more into it, xilisoft dvd creator seems to be more of what your looking for. I did not see a .wav to dvd but there were several other formats that could be made into dvd. This product or something similiar looks like what you maybe looking for. http://www.xilisoft.com/dvd-creator.html You can always email customer support. They are pretty good. Is it just a plain dvd music concert or did someone tell you it was .wav? Im into my music ripping as well so your post peaked my curiousity. Let me know what xili software your using as well. Hope to hear back. Good luck.

    You could also change the .wav to mp4 or mp3 format and see if it recognizes it.
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  3. bahgee

    bahgee Guest


    Check into this Nero Vision or the Nero 7 suite which includes nero vision. Post a thread in the nero forum. I bet you will get a solid answer. Its video authoring tool that seems basically unlimited. I personally do not know the ends and outs but there are some hardcore ppl who do.

    You can download a 15 day trial version in which i bet you can find a way. http://www.nero.com/nero7/eng/nero7-demo.php- Nero 7 is pretty amazing all in all. I checked all the guides for .wav to dvd and i couldnt find that exact .wav to dvd but there is a way for sure.
    Definitly post in the nero forum with a .wav to dvd question using nero. Ask if nero can do it? IF not what can do it. I think this program is a winner.
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