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Musicmatch - adding mp3 data

Discussion in 'Audio' started by maxiboy, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. maxiboy

    maxiboy Guest

    I have a new Dell with Jukebox Basic and am simply trying to add data MP3 tracks to the Library and play them. When "adding" the selected tracks, they will play only if the source disc is inserted. Can't I copy MP3 data files into the Library from a source disc? How is this accomplished?
    Responses are appreciated. I have not been able to spot the solution in any "help" files....
  2. maxiboy

    maxiboy Guest

    please answer the question above
  3. Teabagger

    Teabagger Guest

    Don't know if you've had a response yet, save your source disk data to the drive where you keep your music and then use musicmatch to scan and add tracks from the location, it will creat a link then to the folder and they will appear in the library. When using a disc with mp3's musicmatch links to the rom drive and not a location on your PC.

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