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My Amercian DVDs wont play! :(

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by chodecz, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. chodecz

    chodecz Guest

    Hi guys,

    I'm new here. :)

    Could someone help me please. I got a new in-car dvd player, and none of my Amercian DVDs play. This is due to in correct region! :(

    My DVDs are originals which I purchased when I was on holiday there, how can I make backups to play in my car without losing ANY quality??

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. :)
  2. saugmon

    saugmon Senior member

    Oct 9, 2004
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    What region is your car's dvd player?

    There may also be a format difference-over in europe. USA is NTSC and Europe is PAL.

    1)You can use a program like dvd shrink 3.2 and rip it onto your harddrive. Then you can set your backups as region free. Dvd shrink is free.If you re-author for main movie only,it'll help the quality by eliminating a lot of compression.

    You'll need a burn engine. You can use dvd decrypter-free,nero,or copytodvd to allow dvd shrink to autoburn. Once you get dvd shrink set up to autoburn,it's like a 1 program backup process.

    2) Shrink and Decrypter haven't been updated for ages and have problems with the newer releases. A program called anydvd will help dvd shrink rip them.It also sets your pc drive region free in case it's locked on the same region code as your car's player. You can get a free 21 day trial of anydvd.

    3) Then after getting that figured out,then there's the compatability factor.Some players have trouble with certain formats of plus and dash.They can even have a hard time with certain burners. A booktyping capable burner is ideal. You can take the plus format blank dvd media and booktype them to dvd-rom for the highest compatable rate. Benq,Plextor, Lite-on,LG have some very good booktype capable drives.

    4) Use quality media like Taiyo yuden,Verbatim,Ritek,or Ricoh.Quality media = quality playback and a lot less headaches. Burn at half the rated speed: 16x media-burn at 8x

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