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My Modded Xbox + XBL = ?

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by DrXthirst, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. DrXthirst

    DrXthirst Guest

    Ok, I've gotten on xbl with my modded xbox before, but this time, when I try to sign on, it says, "You have an important message from xbl" and then it says "Read Message or Continue Offline?"

    And I don't know if it will mess it up if I click on read message. What should I do?
  2. knockemv2

    knockemv2 Regular member

    Dec 22, 2006
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    dey might have banned ur eeprom since ur box was modded and u got online or ur acc expired either one
  3. DrXthirst

    DrXthirst Guest

    ok, I have this account on 3 xboxes. So, if my account expired (which it did) and I add more xbox live time to it on my other xbox, then will I still get the message on my modded one?
  4. janrocks

    janrocks Guest

    They will ban the one perticular eeprom.. but if you are running modded on the others as well they can check all eeproms registered on your account. It has been known for them to ban all eeproms registered to an account once one has been banned for "abusing the system"

    I have no sympathy.. It's clearly stated that using modified software/hardware is against the terms if service.

    Hi thirst. I thought we went through this some time ago, or was that something else?
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  5. DrXthirst

    DrXthirst Guest

    I didn't ask you to sympathize. I didn't even ask you to post in my thread. And just so you know, NO we do NOT have 3 MODDED xboxes. I actually have ONE xbox and ONE xbox360. (The xbox is modded.) My dad plays halo 2 on XBOX LIVE and so he has ONE xbox and ONE xbox360. (Neither of his are modded.) So get your facts straight, dumbass.

    EDIT: AND NO, We haven't, and WTF do you have against me? I didn't even know you existed until what, 5 minutes ago.
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