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My new dvd player

Discussion in 'DVD recorders' started by splman, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. splman

    splman Member

    Dec 28, 2006
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    I got this for free from the owner at my job and i was wondering if it is any good it came with a hdmi cable and the picture looks good but the cable kind of looks cheap but i don't if them cables make any different in picture say if i went and bought a 60$ one compared to a 100$.This is the player i just got.RCA Up-conversion DVD Recorder w/ HDMI, DRC8052NC
  2. bahgee

    bahgee Guest

    Hey bro. Please use punctuation. Many more people will respond. What exactly is it? the question etc? What do you want to use it for? How old is it? serial number and make will help you get a good reply.use the search tool as well in the mean time. Write the make and model number etc. I would imagine you need to find out the specs on the burner, the specs on your system, and look for compatiblilty. May need some updates. Good luck.

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