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nch "debut" software

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by rtrg, Oct 8, 2018.

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    Oct 29, 2007
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    An open letter of advice for NCH "DEBUT" users. The software is an inexpensive software with free updates afterward. Version 5.11 contains a "burn" ability. Burning to plus, minus, R/RW discs is possible in a few steps. Below is my experience.

    I recently posted my issues recording to hdd and then to dvd using the "copy/paste" into VLC. some url's were accepted some were not, no explanation or fix. I now use DEBUT to record videos in real time in "screen mode". Simply use tray icon to open app, a browser to open any video, youtube for example, start video in full screen, start app from tray using record button. The tray record button will flash. In this mode the app will record screen whether in full screen or not until tray icon is opened and recording stopped. The recording is added to the "recordings list" in number sequence. any video can be selected and played in the app in the way it was recorded. The only downside is that in screen mode the app will record anything on the screen. This means that the recording must be finished and app stopped or closed before another website is chosen. If not this choice will be recorded as well.

    As a bonus I found a "burn" button in my updated version, 5.11. With the "recordings" window open there is the "burn" button on the right side of the tool bar. Simply insert a recordable disc, RW in this case, click BURN and the "data disc" will be recorded or overwritten to the disc. You can overwrite or or add recordings until the disc is full. I do not know if the disc can be played in a stand alone player. When reinserted the AUTO PLAY dialog appears. Simply pick player of choice and play the disc. Although the disc is called "data" it is actually a DVD, or presumably an audio CD if that is used. A real data or ISO disc can be recorded as well. Depends in part of what discs the optical drive supports. The app also provides convert and save functions. I think that is used to convert and burn one format to another.

    I now have a way of recording and then burning a dvd of you tube videos or anything on the screen in real time. No copy/paste. No failures. The burn time is fairly quick. In my case I have 2 desktops I can use. One for recording/burning, one for other use. Hope this helps others.
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