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Near IR Projector

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by plasbaldy, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. plasbaldy

    plasbaldy Guest

    I would Like to build a near IR projector similar to a slide (transparency) projector which projects images onto a screen through a slide of some sort which will give me an IR image not visible except through night vision equipment. This is for a game I am developing. Later I would also like to project moving IR images as described above with a custom designed movie projector. Maybe this is available now ? Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted. Light source ? Lens type ? Transparency type ? I'm guessing that the transparency will have to have the image printed in some reflective coating ?

    I posted the above on a photonics forum & got one reply;
    'Very simple. Use a standard DLP projector, but use IR LED's as the lamp.
    DLP modules are available without any light source also.
    Other options are an overhead projector with LED lighting or slide projector with LED lighting.'

    I'm a newby to this field & would value any comment or advice please. The projector I have in mind is for still images but later I'll most likely want to project moving images as well. Maybe the DLP projector option would be more readily suitable & available anyway. What do you guys think ?
    regards, Andy
  2. plasbaldy

    plasbaldy Guest

    Can anybody direct me to a forum where boffins/engineers familiar with this stuff hang out ? I'm looking to pay someone to help me design this thing.
    Does anyone know where I can find a DLP module please ?

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