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Need a DVD Recorder w/ DVR in one...

Discussion in 'Digital TV - United States & Canada' started by Angelwing, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Angelwing

    Angelwing Guest

    I was wondering if I need to a monthly subscription with one of these. Or do I simply hook this sucker up and ready to go? I had the Exploror 8000 from COX but got tired of the payments, and tired of transferring programs from there to my DVD Recorder. If I buy a DVD Recorder with a HDD, will that work with out a monthly subscription? Thanks and also, which one do you guys recommend?
  2. VideoBob

    VideoBob Regular member

    Apr 29, 2004
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    That totally depends upon the brand and model number.

    Most newer Panasonics include free Gemstar TV Guide+--what most cable systems use. Some older ones include a lifetime subscription to ReplayTV.

    Older RCA's had a free 3-day Guide+ (as opposed to the more recent one having 8-day programming)

    Some TiVo OEMs include free Tivo Basic--but not the TiVos with thier own name on it.

    Some older ReplayTV systems (2000, 3000, 4000, and *some* 5000 series--but *NO* 4500 or 5500 series) include free lifetime service.

    The bottom line is, check by Manufacturer and model number.

    Before you chose a model number, check out the various forums to get pros and cons of each.

    Also see if you can get a chance to try out each of the three main programming delivery systems: TiVo, Guide+, and ReplayTV. I like the latter's interface the best, but also have three PVRs that use Guide+. I haven't used TiVo at all yet.

    I much prefer ReplayTV to Guide+ for two major reasons:

    First you can download programming on demand. With Guide+, you have to leave your PVR *OFF* for 24 hours to get the initial programming, and turn it off overnight to get updates. If your PVR is on (or cable box off or watching another channel) when it tries to update--OR if it is doing a scheduled recording anytime during that update window--then yo miss the update and get annoying holes in your programming that may or may not be filled the next time it does update.

    Second, ReplayTV allows you to schedule programs by keywords (either just in the title or in the description as well) and it allows you do schedule *theme*-based recordings (i.e. Mysteries, Comedies, etc.).

    I think TivO also has both qualities--but I'm not sure. Perhaps a TiVo user will confirm?

  3. bratcher

    bratcher Active member

    Mar 24, 2004
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    I have two Humax DVR's (with Tivo & a 4x DVD burner) that work fine with my Motorola digital cable boxes. Yes I pay for Tivo each month (it's better than the free Tivo) plus I can schedule recordings on an internet site when I'm not home. The Humax also gets it's guide updates therough the internet. I do it broadband (through a cable modem) which is faster than dialup. Bought both Humax DVR's at Best Buy after looking them up on the Humax web site.


    Requires TiVo® Service Activation
    $12.95 a month or a one-time product lifetime fee of $299
    See TiVo.com for details and other service options

    For more info on Tivo head for the Tivo web site.


    This page tells you about (but not how) transferring Tivo programs to your PC.


    The FAQ for Tivotogo. It seems that DVD DVR's (like my Humax) don't support it yet. But they should in time. From what I just read it should be later this year.


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