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need a littile information on backing up xbox games

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by jamieuk, May 28, 2003.

  1. jamieuk

    jamieuk Guest

    ia m a total rook to backing up copies of my xbox games. just wondered if it was the same a dvd back ups when you use software like dvd decypter to save the movie to your hard drive then copy using nero.

    is it the same thing with xbox games??? is there any way a dvd writer can read the xbox games files then encypt them to then be burned on a dvd-r.

    thanks 2 any 1 who helps me out realy do aprecite it.

    jamie campbell.

    p.s if you are going to help me can you give me a clear answer, no 2 words plzzz lol
  2. darthnip

    darthnip Moderator Staff Member

    Jan 9, 2003
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    well it's not like doing movies. you'll need to have a mod chip in the xbox, then pop the game in, connect to the xbox with your PC with an FTP program like flashFXP, since the xbox dvd drive is the only thing that will read xbox games, you ned to connect to the xbox and copy the contents of the disc to your drive, then put it back on the xbox harddrive to play it from there, or make an xISO out of it and burn to a disc.

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