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Discussion in 'PC hardware help' started by jaydeeX3, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. jaydeeX3

    jaydeeX3 Guest

    well straight to the point heres the problem: when im trying to backup one of my movies using DVD X-COPY, i have my retail disc in in one drive, and my blank media in the DVD R drive, but when i go to burn the media, my PC restarts itself...???? my power supply, and my processor and fan are still good.... any suggestions would be appreciated....
  2. Starbuck1

    Starbuck1 Guest

    Interesting. It sounds like the application is forcing a reboot before the burn. Please check all settings in the application software (I know DVD Decrypter or Shrink has a feature to shutdown after burning). ... so, just a thought. Is this the ONLY scenerio where the biatch reboots on you?? When you said DVD R, assume you meant DVD RW drive. I have a copy of dvdxcopy at home, so, I can check all the software options. But, I doubt there is a feature to reboot prior to burn. Weird.
  3. Starbuck1

    Starbuck1 Guest

    another thought. Are you running Windows XP?? There is a start up recovery feature that reboots the machine if you have a system failure. Go to my computer*properties*advanced*startup and recovery.settings and uncheck the box for System Failure Automatic restart.

    keep us posted.
  4. jaydeeX3

    jaydeeX3 Guest

    yeah runnin XP, will try that suggestion later....yeah your telling me....this shit is weird...it makes no sense.....but thats PC's for you i guess..

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