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Need help backing up pc game

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by Ward79, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. Ward79

    Ward79 Guest

    Ok, firstly I'm a newbie so please be easy on me...

    Im trying to backup my Thief 2 pc game. I copied the cd's contents into a temp folder and burned it onto a cd-r but it wont install. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

    I did try to make an exact copy of the cd but it didnt work either. Thanks in advance!
  2. aldaco12

    aldaco12 Active member

    Nov 6, 2002
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    Read other posts. All info is there...
    1) since the disc is protected, you simply cannot copy files and burn. For how to deal with Disc protections and creating 'Disc images' go here
    2) for how to burn on an new CD-R the image you made on your hard disc read the 'quick guide' in the main page
    ...and if you still encounter problems, come back here and post a new thread :)
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2003

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