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Need HELP copying music!

Discussion in 'Audio' started by livia7916, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. livia7916

    livia7916 Member

    Nov 17, 2004
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    I have window media version 2000. Now I have some music saved in the window media and i would like to copy to a cd. The window media is not letting me. I don't know the step. Can someone Please help me? I also have Nero 6 and Adeptec. But I don't know how to use these to burn or create my own cd. Need serious help. Thank you
  2. flan2359

    flan2359 Guest

    livia 7916

    You can create music cd's quite easily using Nero. I am presuming that you have a CD burner installed in your computer and you will also need to know in what folder your music is stored ie My Documents/My Music or wherever it might be.
    1. Insert a blank cd into your burner and then open up Nero and select option "Make audio cd "
    2. This should open up "Nero Express".
    3. Click the "ADD" button in top right hand corner and this should open up the option to "Select files and folders".
    4. Select the folder where your music is stored and all the tracks will appear.
    5. Now you need to click on a track you want to burn and press the "ADD" button at the bottom of the screen and click finish. This will then put the track in the window you have open in Nero Express.
    6. At the bottom of the Nero Express window you will see a blue bar which shows how much music you are putting onto the disc. The bar increases from 0 to 20mins then 40 mins etc.
    7. You will need to repeat the process of adding tracks until you have reached the limit that your blank cd will hold. The bar will turn red when you have exceeded the maximum allowed and you will need to delete tracks until the red disappears. You delete tracks by right clicking a track and select "delete"
    8. You can select multiple tracks by holding down the up arrow key on the bottom left of your keyboard. This will only work if the tracks are listed next to each other in your folder.
    9. Once you have filled up the cd you will need to click the "next" button at the bottom of the Nero Express window.
    10. Select the option "Current recorder" and make sure this is your cd burner.
    11. There is then an option to select the writing speed by using the drop down window. Usually this will be automatically at suitable speed.
    12.Select how many copies ie. 1 and click the "BURN" button at the bottom left and wait for the message "COMPLETE".
    You can us the "Nero Burning Rom" option to create cd's usung a "Drag & Drop" method but try Express for now.

    Good Luck

    YOBUZZB Regular member

    Apr 14, 2004
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    Windows media player has a burn option on it. Locate the burn tab and click it. This will bring up a 2 paned window. In the left pane, there'll be a pull-down tab for you to select the music files or albums from the collection you have installed on the hard drive. You can drag-drop or click. You can move them up/down in the order you prefer. Hope this helps! I have Adaptec also. If you click on the file tab, it will automaticall pull up your music for you. If it just gives you the sounds files for your computer, then just click on your My Music folder and that will open up to all your music files and albums and then do as I've described for windows media player.

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