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need help now please help! pc not working right

Discussion in 'Windows - General discussion' started by noobz, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. noobz

    noobz Guest

    my computer is about 3 years old and i just upgraded it's video card and powersupply and ram about a month ago. now after about a month it is just randomly freezing after about a hour or two. please tell me what can be wrong?
  2. Morph416

    Morph416 Active member

    Jan 14, 2004
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    Power supplies typically fit into the category of 'they work, or they don't'. But...could also be underpowered, or even a failing unit under full load!

    Memory: Use MemTest86 to assure that you have no errors with your new modules.

    Video card: Easy to upgrade, easier to miss an important step. Upgrading to a new card isn't just putting in the new card. Before you do that, you need to completely remove any remains of the previous card's drivers. After uninstalling the video drivers, it's best to run a program like Driver Cleaner to help finish removing any leftover driver files. Then...remove the card, replace with the new one.

    Now....if your system runs off the same chipset manufacturer as your video card, meaning, an ATI chipset with ATI videocard, or Nvidia chipset with Nvidia card....becareful using the uninstallers and driver cleanup programs. They can easily mistake a chipset file for a video card file...in case your system will not boot after the cleanup. It will most likely boot to Safe Mode, where you will need to reinstall your chipset drivers first, then video.
  3. noobz

    noobz Guest

    my powersupply is more than what is needed. and i have disabled the older card since it ame with my chipset(motherboard) it is in it. another thing i was using vista transformer and i kinda went overboard on the effects. it wasnot slow so i thought it was fine.and my computer is on like 24/7. nd now i have uninstalled the vista transformation pack it is working good so far. any more sugestions?
  4. jony218

    jony218 Guest

    I would suspect it's a video card problem, either a driver incompatibility or an overheating problem. I had a computer once that kept freezing or hanging where I would have to reboot ,this happened after installing a new video card. It would usually happen after the computer was on for about 30 minutes. The latest drivers didn't fix the problem. The video card was a low-end card with no fan built-in, I fixed it by putting a large case fan to blow directly on the video card heatsink. If you have a high-end(hot) video card with a built-in fan, it wouldn't hurt to place another large case fan next to it, easy to do with spot ties.(just to rule it out). I'm a big proponent that you can never have too many case fan's.
  5. noobz

    noobz Guest

    thanks everyone and i found the problemo i was runing the vista transformation pack and now i removed it and did a restore and now everything is fine. it was the vista and my card was getting hot. thanks everyone.

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