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Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by microsft, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. microsft

    microsft Guest

    hi, i have LG DVD4210 and i made a VCD with nero burning express, i have done what i told me, when i finshed i put my VCD in my DVD player but it wont play please tell me why this is and how i can fix it
  2. Supra_KL

    Supra_KL Guest

    LG DVD 4210?
    You can check out if ur DVD player is compatible here and other stuff about what can and cannot play on your dvd player. Also there are forums here like these ones.


    Just imput the name of ur dvd player and there will be a chart of wat can be played on ur LG and forums about ur dvd player underneath the chart
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  3. microsft

    microsft Guest

    thanks mate, for replay i have all ready found away to watch vcd from this site, its called a VCD HACK, any how all is sorted.

    if you can please tell me how to rip DVD's very quickly, no slow shit, also do u know where i can find dvd rips from? i looked at kazza but it has all the old movies thanks for your replay any how thanks.

    take a look at a site i made, its realy funny hope u like this www.fusk-fusk.tk c ya
  4. Supra_KL

    Supra_KL Guest

    There is a site 2 tell u how to rip dvds to (s)vcd:


    But it is F-ING SLOW (thats the only way i kno how to)

    You can also rip a dvd and turn the video and sound into avi with DVD2AVI but i haven't tried it yet. And about downloading movies, the only decent place is Kazaa (I have good and recent downloaded movies from Kazaa-try searching for DVD RIP or Divx) because all the internet sites saying u can download movies are usually u having 2 end up paying or its a virus or spyware.

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